Logomania: 2018’s most “Lusted After Logos”

The idea of the Logo has always been one of the key aspects of high fashion, as they are emblematic of the brands’ identities to the consumers. Logomania has also gained popularity in a time where lawsuits in the fashion industry have become more widespread and logos have now been more subject to trademarks; in 2018 we saw trademark wars from brands Off-White, Balenciaga, YSL, Levi’s and more . Brands now more than ever are utilizing their logos as a way to communicate to the customer the allure and dream like quality of their brand and high end products. Luxury brands like Gucci started using their logo more in a effort to show their pride in their rich history and brand name, and recently other luxury brands like Celine and Fiorucci have followed suit in an effort to rebrand and popularize again.

One of Italy’s most influential, Florence-based department store and online shop Luisa Via Roma declared 2018 the “Year of the Logo,” with logomania pervasing through the high-end luxury retail market. This month, Lyst.com, a global fashion search engine where over 80 million consumers begin their online shopping experience,  publicized their data analyses from this year in their “year of fashion” publication. They determined this year’s top ten most sought after logos, and the website utilized their data on brand queries, page views, sales data, and social media from over 12,00 stores to reach their conclusion; here are the results.

Céline– a new comer to the logo game after new creative director Heidi Slimane dropped the accent é. The new look resulted in a surge of searches for the old, classic céline.

Louis Vuitton– Lyst claims that “ the LV monogram logo remains one of the most wanted luxury motifs worldwide”

Versace– the site states that searches and demand for vintage Versace logomania footwear like slides were up 51% this year

Kappa– interest in the Italian sportswear company logo were up 51%

Gucci– the brand’s logo belt was the most popular product of 2018 as well as their logo t-shirt. The brand continues to drive searches every day, and with sales up 49% since last year, they are on track to profit more than last years 6.2 billion euros.

Fendi– searches for Fendi are up 71% this year, accredited to Kim Kardashian’s post in the brand’s signature logo in February.

Prada– a brand usually adverse to making their logo the focus of their products fell into the logomania craze this year as well. Lyst claims, “ as demand for the iconic Prada nylon accessories grew this year, searches for all Prada logo products- from pool slides to socks- were up”

Fila– “2018 was a huge comeback year for the italian sportswear giant […] items with the Fila logo were viewed once every 6 seconds in May.”

Champion– “From kimonos to fanny packs the Champion logo was everywhere this year, searched more than 3,000 times a month”

Supreme– “Supreme’s iconic red box logo is fashion’s hottest status symbol. From +1000% search frenzy when sell-out collaborations launch, to the sky-high resale value of Supreme branded pieces, Supreme was the most wanted label of 2018”

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