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There is just somethin’ about the French that screams fashionable, right?!  When I first touched down in Paris, I was overwhelmed by all the ‘chic-ness.’  The French, although I can probably generalize and just say the Europeans have a way with their clothes in being able to throw them haphazardly together without appearing…well haphazard.  I’m talkin’ layers.  Living in Dijon, France (which is at the same latitude as Maine or thereabouts) has taught me that layers are pretty dang important, and even more so when you only have so much room in your suitcase.


Packing is a tricky subject as it’s all dependent on where home falls for you on the map, not to mention that necessities vary from person to person.  I’m no master of packing for an extra-long-weekend/shortened week yet myself, but it’s a learning experience, right!?What I have learned is that layering is my best friend when I’m tight on space.


Here’s the lowdown on what I (generally) pack for the Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Take a coat that can transition easily between day, night and any occasion in between.  This can be a wool, leather, anorak or trench coat; you name it, but make sure you can brave the elements in it at least for a few days!

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  • A pair of skinny jeans and black leggings (a l w a y s have these) are the building blocks.  Then I add one more pant, either a pair of colored jeans, a corduroy pant or another pair of leggings with an unexpected accent, like ankle zippers or leather panels.


  • One dress- yup, just one.  Choose one that you are comfortable in, but can dress up or down.  While I can’t come to the Thanksgiving dinner table in sweats, I am sure as hell not gonna want to be wearing a tight dress amidst all that food.  For me, a short, printed swing dress or one with an elastic waistband usually works.
  • A boyfriend-fit button down.  Stick with a color or pattern that can act as a “neutral.”  This could be one in a simple white, a mini striped chambray blue, or, even, a plaid that mixes well with your other pieces.
  • A chunky open-front sweater and a pullover.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, any more than that and it verges on ridiculous for the amount of time you’re going to be on break.


  • Two long sleeve and one short sleeve c o m f o r t a b l e t-shirts.  Notice how comfort is KEY.  Check out the beautiful Piko Collection for simple, but durable layers.  You want to look good, yes, but you should be able to stay in your clothes for more than a couple hours without daydreaming about your yoga pants.
  • Hey! Speaking of yoga, how ’bout workout gear?!  I’m a huge fan of Under Armour and their cold weather gear.  I make sure to have a long sleeved shirt and a zip front jacket packed when I go home. Try making you’re leggings from the top of this list a pair that can double for workouts and you can save a little room for any extra necessities you think of while running out the door


  • Extra necessities like SCARVES AND JEWERLY!  I like to take a b i g scarf in an easy mixing color of a light-ish material. While I have quite the collection of statement jewelry, I try to pick just one necklace or one bold pair of earrings and keep the rest of it simple and delicate.  Necklaces, rings and bracelets that I can layer means I can change my look whenever and however.  This also means that when I’m mid-travels I can load up on the jewelry and not have to worry about it getting jumbled together in my bag.  Another extra!  And just like the traveling post, keep it to one bag plus a purse, especially if you’re traveling a far distance.  However, I cheat a little and stow my purse in my backpack along with my duffel.


  • Boots, flats and sneakers.  That’s all.  Wear your boots traveling and pack the other two.  As much as I would l o v e to have a pair of heels with me, be them black patent or just about any shoe with a ginormous heel, I k n o w I’m better off running between family functions and friendly rendezvous in my flats or boots…or sneakers if I’m simply running.

I tried to keep it simple and straightforward but interesting!  I love packing lists for outfit inspiration, but it can get so confusing and boring when they just say jeans, skirt, 3 pairs of socks, etc.  This should give you a little more direction when you’re throwing you’re bag together at 12:45 am the night before leaving like I know you all will! 😉


Au revoir,

julia denuzzio

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