Madeline’s Asheville treats

Trip Advisor has named it a winner of the Traveler’s Choice Awards for Top Food and Wine Destinations in the U.S and, just two hours from Wake Forest’s campus, downtown Asheville offers a new and exciting vibe with amazing food, impressive art, and refreshing people. Relaxed hippies and enthusiastic mountaineers wander the streets, maybe stopping to participate in a drum circles or to mingle over a vegan pizza followed by an indulgent homemade ice cream sandwich.

So whether it’s a Saturday daytrip or a weekend getaway, exploring downtown Asheville is a must-do! And when you arrive, you just have to answer just one question—what do I want to eat?

Mexican, Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Italian, Mediterranean, Cuban, Spanish, Asian, Irish, American…

No matter what restaurant you drift into, it’s sure to be a meal to remember. But for now, lets talk about chocolate. Saturday afternoon after a morning hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a dragon bowl at the Laughing Seed Café, my sister, friend Sydney and I decided it was the perfect time to visit the infamous French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Due to overcapacity, we “patiently” waited outside, poking our heads in to admire the decorative cakes and smell the incredible chocolate aroma. As we moved fartherup in line and into the building, we stood next to a wall of organic chocolate bars, each packaged in elaborate attire.


IMG_4560Within fifteen minutes, we were standing across from the cashier and he waited for our order, but we were silent…. What on earth do we choose? Can we have it all? An executive decision had to be made and so, my sister and I agreed to split the coconut macaroon brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and Sydney would have the towering chocolate cake, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream of course—we justified the vanilla ice cream as a “palate cleanse,” but this may have been stretching the term a bit.


And so this defines the perfect afternoon pick-me up, yet it was more of a sugar rush followed by an evening nap. Regardless, it was simply and extraordinarily, D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!


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