Meet Fitness Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach: Suzie Vinograd!

You might know Suzie from taking one of her Cyclebar classes downtown, but what you might not know is that she is also a certified holistic health coach! Suzie is passionate about all things health, wellness, and happiness. I’ll let Suzie take it away and explain how health is a driving force in her life and what it can do for you!

Credit: Cyclebar

Hi there! My name is Suzie Vinograd (formerly Blackman!) and I am a transplant from the Washington DC area and have been living in Winston Salem for almost five years now. Prior to moving here, I was heavily ingrained in the DC fitness scene, teaching yoga full time and leading teacher trainings. I have worked at many different gyms and studios and have crossed paths with many other fitness and health professionals who were and continue to be a constant source of inspiration for me. I found yoga when I was a junior in college at UW-Madison and immediately took to the therapeutic benefits for the trifecta of our wellbeing – Mind, Body and Spirit. Upon moving to Winston, I started to become more interested in other healing modalities that we are quick to pass up in America; specifically, food and nutrition. I was hungry to explore the deeper meaning of “wellness,” so during this time I also completed my Holistic Health Coaching Certification (CHHC) through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

While Holistic Health Coaching has been a therapeutic modality that has been practiced for quite some time, this field is gaining A LOT of notoriety (though we are not yet able to accept insurance) and momentum (which makes my heart so, so happy) and for good reason. You can think of a holistic health coach as a personal trainer for your wellbeing (I also used to be a PT for several years at Equinox Gym near my home in Bethesda, MD, and it too was immensely gratifying!) As a holistic health coach, I facilitate conversation and education surrounding your personal health goals, and I encourage people to explore their wellbeing from the great trifecta, so to speak: Mind, Body, and Spirit. When we think about what is ailing us today – whether that be mental manifestations (like depression or anxiety), physical manifestations (like bloatedness or lethargy), or a spiritual manifestation (like a disconnection to a sense of greater purpose), no one thing is working in isolation to create these conditions and as soon as we pause and start to lean in and explore what is it is we are feeling, we can usually identify the root cause(s). A Holistic Health Coach serves as a guide to help you take a deep dive into looking at how all the various pieces of your life (e.g. your eating habits, sleep habits, work and home environment, relationships, ability to cope with stress, etc.) work in tandem with each other, and then, we can create a custom roadmap, making even the smallest and most gradual of changes for you to implement to bring you back home, to yourself, to reach your optimal health and happiness. We operate on the principle of ‘bioindividuality’ which is to say that no two people are exactly the same, so our approach to facilitating change is unique to the individual!

Credit: Suzie Vinograd

I grew up an athlete and a dancer, always finding the therapeutic benefits to mind and body through movement and studied psychology and sociology at Madison. So, my path as a teacher, instructor, and coach, feels like a natural extension of all the things that I have always had an affinity for. In addition to teaching yoga for the last 8 years, I have also been a part of  the Top Tier Gym team for the last several years, coaching bootcamp, and this past Fall, I was moving back to Winston from a short stint in DC and landed at my instructing home (I teach most here of anywhere else), Cyclebar (where I am also one of two Community Coordinator’s, working on behalf of outreach, and our Cyclegiving program!) Often, I think people are confused because I wear so many hats, but really, there is one thread that sews all these practices, places, communities, and my various interests together: to help people live as healthfully and happily as I believe we are designed to! While there are the obvious differences between teaching a yoga class, coaching bootcamp or instructing at Cyclebar, I take all of these jobs seriously, as they present a forum to reach the greater community, and help people get well! In my classes at Cyclebar, I find a natural fusion between mind and body, so I try to make the experience about hooking that connection for the riders, so they can leave feeling not just strong, but a sense of wholeness, and purpose, and accomplishment.

Credit: Suzie Vinograd

So, now for the fun piece. If you follow me on Instagram @suzie_vinograd, you have probably gathered that I love a hearty, well balanced, colorful meal (and the experience of creating, eating, and savoring a good meal in general). I truly believe that food is our portal to self-realization and it’s just this mega important piece of our wellbeing that we are, overall, in the U.S. entirely disconnected from! Food is fuel, food medicine, food is mood, food is political, and it is meant to be enjoyed, shared, an experience, etc.

Credit: Suzie Vinograd

Stay tuned for health tips, recipes, and life advice from Suzie in upcoming articles. We are excited to feature Suzie as a health series on WFU Style!

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