Meet The Team


All members of WFU Style write for the blog. However, we welcome post submissions from anyone who wishes to contribute. Please email if you are interested in writing.

Pictured: Members of The WFU Style Team at Reynolda Hall, Wake Forest University.

We’re excited to welcome the following members of the team for 2019-2020!

President: Amit Nir

Vice-President & Treasurer: Isabelle Ruiz

Blog Director: Katherine Grabowsky

PR Directors: Rachel Hotvedt

Social Media Director: Alexa Bastone

Event Director: Roxanna Demers

WFU Style President 20178-2019

McGee Bosworth

WFU Style Co-Presidents 2017-2018

Sophie Cohn, Katie Dickens, and Gracie Wiener

Learn more about the WFU Style Co-Presidents here!

WFU Style President 2015-2017

Ivanna Martinez-Gonzalez

Learn more about Ivanna here!