Meghan Markle: Royal Style Revolutionary

Meghan Markle a future royal princess and fiance of Prince Harry is adding a hint of Americana into the British royal family and we could not be more thrilled! A born and raised Californian Meghan has accomplished the acting world, served children in Africa, and is an active member in the feminist movement all while looking chic with a hint of California cool. As Meghan is learning to navigate life in the royal family she is doing so with her own unique style. Let’s look at five ways Meghan’s fashion is different from Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana.

Denim, a staple in the 21st century closet is one of the ways Meghan’s style is very different from her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton. Meghan’s choice of ripped distressed jeans with frayed ends show’s a sense of modern edginess in her style. While the few times Kate has been seen in denim her look is more conservative with a classic dark wash pair of jeans paired with a conservative top.    

America’s influence on Meghan’s style could not be more present than in her choice of hats. Meghan tends to go for a cute baseball cap, beanie or panama style hat while the rest of the royals, like typical Brits opt for more formal hats or fascinators like the ones displayed below.

An individual’s choice of sunglasses can really express their personality. Meghan’s most well known pair of glasses, a medium sized round tortoise frame from Finlay & Co show us that Meghan’s style is modern, liberal yet feminine. Meghan is also not afraid of color as seen in her light pink shades below. While Kate is more of a traditionalist opting for a more classic and conservative black framed Ray Bans.

A jumpsuit with the correct proportions for your body can make any women look fierce, confident and powerful. Meghan’s choice of jumpsuits show off her great figure and confidence in herself. The embellished flowers on the jumpsuit to the left shows that Meghan is not afraid to have some fun in her wardrobe. The plunging neckline of the jumpsuit to the right highlights Meghan’s daring personality when it comes to fashion. Unfortunately, Kate has never been seen in a jumpsuit but Princess Diana, like Meghan rocked the jumpsuit, just in a different way. Princess Diana’s loose fitting solid color jumpsuit shows us that while she was fashion forward she was slightly more conservative and greatly valued comfort.

While Meghan and Kate both seem to love soaking up the sun their swimwear choices differ greatly. Meghan’s choice of bikini’s communicate her care free, fun loving personality and approach to fashion. Meghan’s watermelon knit bikini and Forever 21 sushi themed bikini exemplifies her guffey inner child. Kate’s swimwear choices of a solid white bikini show that she is more traditionalist and conservative in her fashion choices.

It is indisputable that Meghan like all the royals definitely knows her way around a closet. Meghan’s more modern less traditional fashion can be seen as highly representative of the difference in American and English culture. Americans are stereotypically more colorful and less conservative in their clothing choices. Now we must all wait in anticipation to see what Meghan will wear this May, but it is safe to say her look will be somewhat influenced by her California roots.

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Written by Frederieke Demas 

Edited by Julia Sawchak

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  1. The Baroness Reply

    You fail to notice the vast differences socially, between Kate and Meghan. Kate will end up being HRH Catherine, The Princess of Wales and eventually, William’s Queen or Consort. Kate has always needed to be more conservative and class conscious. Meghan at best will be a Duchess of WhateverTheQueenDecides. Big difference. Not throwing shade at Meghan, it is just a fact of life. Additionally, I think Kate was obviously in it for the long hall so to speak with William and always knew as a young collegiate age that she must ALWAYS be respectable. Notice there are no “Kate Moss” type photos of Catherine being “assisted” into a hackney carriage after a night of clubbing. Meghan has had thirty three plus years to march to her own drummer. Again, very different circumstances and not very fair for comparison.

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