Men’s Style at Wake Forest University

It’s right around that time where everyone is getting into their Fall/Winter wardrobes, including some of the men at Wake Forest. I wanted to gain insight into the inspiration behind their styles and see what trends they were following. From their favorite brands to their latest finds, here’s a look into their style!

First up, we have Daniel Mazzorana. Daniel is a Junior, majoring in Biology.

When asked how he describes his style, Daniels said: “anything that looks good on me; there’s no specific theme to my style, so it’s seasonal and different depending on the geographical location: some days preppy, some days more street-style, or a combo of both. Today is a little edgy” (as seen in pictures).

Daniel really appreciates the styles of Asap Rocky, Jaden Smith, and Russel Westbrook for something different. “‘Sneaker Shopping with Complex’ is where I get all my inspiration for my shoes; tons of people go on there for great style.”

OOTD. Photo by Noor Alghanem

When asked if his style as changed since being at Wake, he says: “I came in more preppy because that was how a lot of people are dressing and I felt the need to stick with norm, but then I was tired of polos and slacks, and I didn’t want to be the guy who always wears bean boots. I learned more about style and developed my own, rather than pulling from what people around me are wearing. I wear a watch everyday: I think a watch is a big component to my style. I usually wear a bracelet and sometimes rings because I think

accessories are key: not necessarily everyone will notice it but you will appreciate it.”

The biggest trend Daniel is following right now is the newest shoe trends: “I’m not as in tune into other things as I am in what’s going in shoes. Right now, I definitely want a pair of ‘Off-White Prestos’”. His favorite brands include Banana Republic, Adidas, Gymshark, and John Hardy. When it comes to watches, Daniel turns to brands like Rolex and other microbrands.

I asked Daniel if he thought there was stigma surrounding men who dress well, he said: “There definitely is, people try to define your sexuality. For example, I don’t see what’s wrong with pin-rolled jeans or wearing tight pants; I love pin-rolling my jeans, especially to show off my shoes. I think embracing stuff just shows that your comfortable with your sexuality and don’t care what other people think.”

Photo by Chase Monroe.

Next up, we have DeAndre’ Delaney. DeAndre’ is a Junior, majoring in Communication.

When asked how he describes his style, DeAndre said: “I would say it’s multicultural. I would say it’s definitely more urban-city cultured; at a given time I can adapt my style to formal or casual. Country style is not something I dip my finger into, but in the fall, I like flannel.”

DeAndre’ says that his style is most influenced by Drake and his OVO brand, and Odell Beckham Jr.

When asked if his style as changed since being at Wake, he says: “It’s definitely changed. I’ve had more personal funding since I’ve been here to, so I’ve been able to upgrade my closet and get into my current style.”

DeAndre’ says that he isn’t following any particular trends at the moment, but he did really like the crossbody fanny pack trend this past    summer. His favorite brands include OVO, Summer Style. 

Michaell Kors, Thrasher, Nike, Calvin Klein, Vans, Tommy Hilfiger. He also likes to shop at stores like Pacsun and Zoomies.

I asked DeAdndre’ about what he he thought of “Hypebeast” fashion, he said: “I see that stuff on pop culture, and I know it can be seen as “ridiculous style”, like Trippie Red. But I think it’s unique and trendsetting, so I pick up little things off those individuals and implement them into my own style.”

Fall Style. Photos by Zack Chan.

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