Mood Boosting Statement Jewelry: Spotlight on Mignonne Gavigan

Mignonne Gavigan’s jewelry pieces are each handmade in India and each new collection promises unique, creative pieces which will soon become statement closet staples. The company mission is to create adventure within each designed piece. Mignonne Gavigan is for the modern, confident, and daring woman. The brand’s effort is to “redefine statement jewelry” to allow customers to feel confident and bold. Each piece is sure to bring confidence and happiness to the wearer; Mignonne Gavigan is truly a mood boosting brand. Where jewelry meets art, Mignonne Gavigan aims to outfit women with confidence and encourages them to embrace everyday adventure.

The statement piece which launched the brand is the scarf necklace. At its origin it was “on the cusp of clothing and jewelry,” “an instant outfit reviver.” A superb statement piece, the scarf necklace instantly grew to have a huge cult following.

Some current favorites:

Judy Scarf Necklace Hot Pink (

Kuba Scarf Necklace (

Next up: earrings. The Mini Madeline and Madeline earrings are a classic statement winged earring and they make the perfect addition to any outfit for any occasion. Mignonne Gavigan also creates wildly fun earrings such as the Vodka Earrings, the Adri Eye Earrings, and the Lightning Bolt Earrings.

Madeline Earrings Black/Gold (

Vodka Earrings (

Adri Eye Earrings (

Lightning Bolt Earrings (

Swan Earring White (

Mignonne Gavigan offers truly unique statement jewelry to outfit the modern confident woman. The brand sends an inspiring message of empowerment and Mignonne Gavigan is constantly coming up with new collections to update the ever-changing creativity of the artisanal pieces. Be sure to check out Mignonne Gavigan if you’re in need of powerful statement jewelry (or simply a mood boost)!

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