Must-Follow Insta for Winston Food Ideas

Photo credits: @urfoodiefriendz

Sick of only going to the same restaurants on repeat? Follow @urfoodiefriendz on Instagram for new restaurant ideas all over Winston!

Photo credits: @urfoodiefriendz

This account documents delicious appetizers, meals, and dessert at various trendy restaurants in Winston. Additionally, each food picture tags the restaurant and the caption describes what type of food is pictured, to make getting the exact dish very simple.  From delicious crepes at Penny Path Cafe, to Torched Tuna at Canteen, this Instagram captures all the places you need to visit.

Photo credits: @urfoodiefriendz

Meet the owner behind this account:

Name: Caroline Osborn

Hometown: Winston Salem, NC

Year: Sophomore at Wake

Why she created the Instagram:  She has always been a foodie and enjoys capturing and remembering meals she has shared with friends and family. She used to post food pictures directly onto her Instagram or Instagram story and realized that it would be better to have a separate Instagram for her friends who also enjoyed discovering new restaurants and looking at food pictures.

Overall favorite restaurant in Winston:

Breakfast: Mary’s

Lunch: Village Juice

Dinner: Canteen

Coffee Shop: Camino Bakery

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