Must Have Items in Your Purse While Traveling

Being on a truly diverse and globally repped college campus like Wake, it’s very common during our breaks to see the convoy of Ubers and taxis waiting in front of South, Magnolia, Luter and all the other dorms taking many of us to the first stop in our travels… the Airport; the place that ultimately decides whether we stay or go onto the next leg of our final destination. On my maiden voyages I constantly found myself stressed by a lot of things like weather, long lines, or the person in front of you who is having a full on conversation with the one and only airline rep. I realized, though, that while I can’t control all airport stress, I can control some and make my life a lot easier by bringing a few simple things-all of which make my travel days go more smoothly.  You can store most in a ziplock in a drawer in your dorm and just throw it in your purse that day you go. When you get back to your home away from home at Wake, just take that zip lock out, and stow away till the next adventure.

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1. Portable charger: You’re waiting for your flight to board and all the outlets are taken… you have 3%. Portable charger to the rescue! This little device has saved me countless times and the great thing about them is that they aren’t bulky: they barley take up any room in your bag and will come in handy more than you think. It’s also great to have on the plane because most times your seat doesn’t have an outlet so your left with a dead phone and no way to charge it.  

2. Snacks: Many people don’t realize that it is completely okay by the TSA to check food! Plus, the airport has so many unhealthy options that just make you feel bloated and gross. If you have time get a wrap from The Pit before you leave or in your Zip Loc keep  granola bars and popcorn – healthy options that transport well and are satisfying, too. This gives you a quick and easy alternative while also saving money.

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3. A Sweatshirt: I really hate being cold, especially on an airplane. It’s impossible to get comfortable and every minute that passes feels like an hour. Having a cozy comfy sweatshirt warms you up and will make your trip so much more enjoyable.

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4. A Book or Magazine for Pleasure: because who really wants to spend $20 for Wi-Fi on a quick flight? We’re always busy with work at Wake so sometimes it’s nice to read for pleasure sometimes. Read a fun article or book to pass the time in an entertaining and enjoyable way or to just distract you from the coughing passengers and turbulence.  

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5. Wet Ones/Hand Sanitizer: Literally, airplanes have been proven to be giant Petri dishes of bacteria and some surfaces, especially the ones you’re sitting on, are ranked as the germiest. Wiping down your tray table, armrests, and seat belt buckle can save you a trip to the doctor later down the road.

6. Chapstick/ Moisturizer:  Airplane air is really dry due to the lack of humidity. Small bottles of hand lotion and chapstick help alleviate the uncomfortable effects of dry air and just make you feel better. Try and get ones that have a soft pleasant smell – it kind of acts as your own personal aromatherapy!

7. Tide to go: This pen will instantly get rid of that coffee you just spilled on your white shirt.

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8. Mini first aid kit: I’m talking these really small compact tin ones that you can find in most drug stores. You never know when your going to need that safety pin, band-aid , or a Tylenol – this little tin box really comes in handy.

Everyone has their own preferences with what they think are “essentials”, but,  I hope this helps your travel days a little less hectic and a little more enjoyable.

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