If You Need a Reason (or Four) to Love Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D is the edgy, famous tattoo artist turned makeup genius. Her cosmetic line, Kat Von D Beauty, is a just another extension of her knack for art. Find out why we should be paying more attention to the brand and Kat, the woman behind the brand. 

alex61. She’s up-to-date on all of the beauty trends

I’m looking at you, Studded Kiss Lipstick. This lip line comes in a 39-shade array and is formulated to perfection. Among these shades is “Poe,” the shimmer navy pout that packs a punch. This “winter blues” lipstick look is what I like to call the on-again, off-again blue beauty craze the world has seen for the last five-or-so decades. The ‘80s met the rage of the frosted blue eye shadow trend that trickled into the ‘90s. Remember that, Madonna? The blue shadow, liner, and mascara are back and in a better, more couture form. But, it’s all about the blue lips right now. We’ve seen this trend on Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kesha, and on the runway, too. Whether you prefer cobalt, navy, or indigo, get your hands—or rather, your lips—on this blue shade. The beauty of this lipstick? It breaks all the rules and is boldly suiting for all complexions. 

2. She sees makeup as a true art form 

Kat is more than just a chick who loves makeup. She’s an artist dedicated to details on the page, body, and face. Her career as a tattoo artist translated to the beauty world effortlessly—at least that’s how she makes it look with her Pointillism makeup technique on the Kat Von D Beauty website. To achieve this artistic look, she contours and highlights her face using small dots from the end of a Q-tip. All the while, she applies more than eight shades of her Lock-It Foundation, Tattoo Liner, and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. We’ll call her the Seurat of the beauty world.  

3. She’s in touch with her brand and the industry

Kat’s personal YouTube channel has a subscriber-ship just shy of 300,000 with well over 8 million views. This channel, along with the Kat Von D Beauty website features beauty chats by Kat, artsy makeup tutorials, her new and popular products, among other one-on-one video ops. It’s like your time to sit down with Kat and talk makeup, beauty, and art. This personalized connection is refreshing when your other favorite brands feel so detached from their buyers. My personal favorite (other than the Pointillism video) is her “One Product Only Makeup Challenge.” Her contour tutorials on real women of all face shapes is also a hit—a clever way to promote the Shade + Light Contour Palette. Check out these videos on the Kat Von D Beauty website HERE.


4. She offers vegan products

Kat prides her brand on offering 11 different vegan collections among even more vegan shades. On the website, you’ll be able to identify these products stamped with #VeganAlert in the description. No products are tested on animals, as Kat is an avid animal lover and vegan herself. I expect more brands will follow suit. Kat Von D Beauty is not the first brand to offer vegan options, but it’s definitely on the short list. All the beauty, none of the guilt.  


– Alex Dean

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