PFW: Top 10 Must-Sees in Paris

If you plan or even dream to travel to Paris in the future, these are the breathtaking that you must see. Of course, my dream when going back however, and one of the top things to see is Paris Fashion Week ( If you do get the opportunity to go during next PFW (or anytime), here is a guide to what you must see:

1. Avenue Montaigne and Arc de Triomphe: Calling all fashion lovers! Avenue de Montaigne, which sits a few blocks away from the gorgeous, monumental Arc de Triomphe, is like 5th Avenue on steriods! All of the famous designer storefronts are there, including the House of Christian Dior and the Chanel House.

2. Claude Monet’s house and garden in Giverny: If you are an art junkie and an impressionist fan, you should definitely check out Monet’s garden where he painted the famous Water Lilies series.

Claude Monet house

3. River Seine Boat Ride: One of my favorite experiences in Paris was the boat ride we took at night on the River Seine because you get to see the whole city lit up and the Eiffel Tower sparkle!

4. Lavender Fields at Notre Dame de Sénanque, Provence: Since Provence is famous for their lavender fields, of course you have to go see one at the Abbey in Sénanque! The vibrant colors and wonderful smells of the sweet lavender make the experience sublime.

Senanque Abbey, near Gordes in the Provence region of France, with its rows of lavender plants. Founded nine centuries ago by Cistercian monks, it has become a popular destination for both tourists and those seeking a spiritual retreat.

Image from here.

5. Dinner at 58 in the Eiffel Tower: Instead of waiting the three hour line with all of the tourists to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, skip it and make reservations for the restaurant on the second floor with an amazing view of the whole city!


“Eiffel Tower”, Peter Blake, 2010, Silkscreen Multimedia Print. Image from here.

6.  Angelina’s: Angelina’s is an extravagant brunch and pastry place known for its pastries and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is to die for and tastes like you are drinking pure melted chocolate.


Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad at Angelina. Photo from here.

7. The Catacombs: Hundreds of meters down, under the city of Paris, lies paths of underground catacombs that hold hundreds of thousands of Parisian bones. It seems very eerie if you think about it, but it was such a cool sight to see, especially to see the decoration of all of the skulls from the past.


8. Macaroons…Pierre Hermé and Ladurée: I have never seen such beautiful pastry shops. The colorful array of macaroons decorating the interior and the windows of each shop are to die for.

9. The Classics…Notre Dame, The Louvre and Love Locks: Who could go to Paris and not go to these three places? I just had to include them because you cannot miss these! Even though some of the love locks have been removed due to the weight of the bridge fence, there are still thousands of locks around the area and on other bridges nearby. The Louvre is a must see, but you should get there early to avoid the crowds and hit just the highlights, because it could take months to see everything. When I visited the enormous Notre Dame, I was lucky enough to catch the beginning of a church service which included beautiful singing, while incense filled the room with smoke. Quite a treat!

10. Fashion show at Galeries Lafayette: After shopping around in the famous department store, Galleries Lafayette, particularly at the French brand, Maje, we got the chance to see a fashion show.


Image via, here

Hope you get to visit and enjoy!

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