The Perfect Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

The Perfect Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

As we enter into the festive fall holidays, there are many ways to decorate your room! I decided to combine my two favorite parts of fall –pumpkins and flowers –to create the perfect pumpkin flower arrangement.  

Step 1: Materials:

  1. A pumpkin (preferably a small one so that it can fit on your desk or table)
  2. A cup/vase (to fit inside the pumpkin)
  3. Carving knife and spoon
  4. Fresh flowers

Before you begin carving I would recommend placing a towel down because pumpkin carving gets messy fast! You must outline the brim of your cup around the top of the pumpkin so that the cup can fit inside the pumpkin. After you make your outline you can begin to carve!



Step 2:

Now once you have carved the circle, you can start gutting the pumpkin. If you’re a cook, I would recommend keeping the seeds since they taste amazing roasted!



Step 3:

Once your pumpkin is emptied it is time to place the cup inside the pumpkin



Step 4:

Pour some water, grab your flowers, and voila!

You now have a beautiful pumpkin flower vase to decorate your room with.




Happy Fall!

– Maggie G

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