I Purchased Kim Kardashian’s App…

I have something to share… I purchased Kim Kardashian’s app in the iTunes App Store.

Some people would say it is crazy to pay $2.99 per month, and I would agree with those people. However, there is something about Kim K that is worthy of obsession.


On her app, Kim shares beauty tutorials, articles, and behind-the-scenes photos. There are wonderful product recommendations, interviews with her “glam team,” and entertaining live streams. Also, there is an “obsessed” section in which Kim shares her favorite products and activities of the moment. Lastly, the Q&A portion of the app is also fun to read.

In her live streams, Kim’s subscribers see her friends, family members, and everyday life, which is very entertaining. Come on!

Admit it. You love Kim K, too.

I have yet to purchase every sister’s app, but am loving Kim’s app right now. I have found great make-up products and hair-styling techniques, so far.

While the app is—in and of itself—entertaining, there is something very smart about Kim’s business model. She makes her glamorous life accessible. This trend is common in every area of the beauty and fashion industry today. For example, high-end brands, like Balmain are accessible to the masses.

I love clicking through the app and marveling at her life, but, at the same time, I admire her professionalism; Kim has built a huge empire, and I am excited to see what is next.

(All images from the Kim Kardashian App)

 – Jamie Lichtenstein

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