The Pursuit of Creative Inspiration: A Top Five

There’s nothing like the beginning of a project, when your mind races with ideas. You feel electrified and purposeful, your intrinsic inspiration coursing through your veins. I don’t mean to say this feeling is reserved for a purely artistic endeavor; inspiration is critical for mundane life tasks too. That history paper you dread could fly by had you listened to a fascinating podcast relating to its subject. Your everyday walk from your dorm to class might be enlivened had you recently read an article on the beauty of seasonal change. Your outfit may be lushly textured and original had you pieced together elements from a look on your favorite style blog. In short, creativity makes life feel stimulating and ​boundless.​ In desperate need of some perspective and originality? Keep reading.

1)  FILM AND DOCUMENTARIES: Everyone is drawn to a particular type of movie. Find what you love and explore the genre. Or watch a documentary: some may be challenging to watch but the way you view the world will be forever altered. Finally, try a foreign film. They really make you consider your place in the world. Some personal favorite films include ​The Graduate​, ​Marie Antoinette,​ ​Departures​, ​ Little Miss Sunshine​ and The First Monday in May​.

2)  PODCASTS: This summer I started to listen to podcasts on my commute to an art class and I’ve been hooked ever since. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to listen to them purely for educational purposes. There are podcasts on pop culture, engrossing murder mysteries and even fictional stories. I especially enjoy the podcasts ​99% Invisible​, ​Still Processing,​ ​Getting Curious​, ​36 Questions​ and NYT’s The Daily​.

Photo by ITG, featured on Into the Gloss

3)  BLOGS AND INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS: You should proceed with caution in this category. Internet scrolling can rapidly turn from “just a quick check” to a full-fledged hour. However, all of these have provided me with a jolt of creative inspiration. Try the websites​ Into the Gloss​, Manrepeller​, Coveteur​ and​ The Cut​. Also check out Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. And finally, there is always new content on WFU style itself!         

The lovely Reynolda gardens in foliage,  photo via American Public Gardens Association

4)  A CHANGE OF SCENERY: No, this does not mean booking an extravagant trip. It can be as simple as a walk on the Reynolda trails or a day exploring Winston-Salem. After clearing your head for a while, you’ll bring a fresh perspective to your next project or task.

5)  YOUR FRIENDS: This a simple, yet effective way to find inspiration. Learn from them and always ask for recommendations. You might discover something from a friend you never would have otherwise.

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