Rewearing Your NYE Outfit

When I think of New Year’s Eve style, I think of three things: big fur coats, sequined dresses, and lots of velvet. Because, let’s be honest, NYE is a holiday that gives you an excuse to wear your favorite, most glamorous pieces.

If you were chic enough to wear a black jumpsuit to start off 2017, I doubt you’ll have a problem finding a way to re-wear it. But what about those sequined bodycons that probably won’t leave your closet again until 2018? Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear your NYE staples throughout the year:

1: The fur jacket

I love this look for NYE and throughout the winter. You can wear your jacket with black distressed jeans and Adidas Superstars. Throw on some statement sunglasses for a favorite Wake Forest style:

Untitled design

 photo credit

2: The velvet (or suede) dress

If you wore a black velvet dress for NYE, congratulations! This is one of my favorite looks of the season, and it’s to wear throughout the year. You can wear it with a jean jacket or layer it over a long- or short-sleeved shirt:

Suede dress

photo credit

 3) The sequined dress

It isn’t New Years without someone rocking one of these. To restyle this memorable piece, I suggest throwing on a leather jacket to change it up:

glitter dressphoto credit


Happy restyling!
-Mary Anne

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