Senior Spotlight: Emelie Pierpoint

For the past two spring semesters, I have had the joy of being in class with Wake Forest cool-girl Emelie Pierpoint. You may know her as the effortlessly chic Panamanian former model and Louis Vuitton intern, who is often found in Scales rocking a perfectly put together ensemble. But, did you know about the Wake Forest senior’s love for travel and addition to cheap sunglasses? Pierpoint is someone you want to sit down with for an entire day and discuss everything, from who serves the best tacos in Winston (the answer is Taco Riendo 3) to what pairs best with fashion sneakers and black jeans to whether Frank Stella could be considered a sculptor. No matter the conversation, it is guaranteed to be genuine and full of laughter.

Pierpoint’s amazing wardrobe is full with unique pieces that express her personality and heritage. She also has an extremely covetable purse collection – my favorite being the silver Skinny Dip UFO crossbody bag. Between the school books on her shelf, you can find several coffee table books featuring Pierpoint’s favorite artists, like Dalí. Mementos of her semester abroad in Paris decorate her room, giving it an European aura.

 As one last hooray, I teamed up with the beloved WFU Style photographer, Phillip Yurchenko, to capture Pierpoint’s love for the Twin Cities, as seen with her on-trend styling of a Wise Man Brewing tee. The fun morning allowed the two of us to talk style, travel, and Wake. Continue reading to see Yurchenko’s great shots and to learn more about Pierpoint before her graduation.

Where are you from?

I’m from Panama. Yes, like the Canal! *jaja* My mom is American, but my dad is Panamanian. They met in college and the rest is history.

So, how did you end up at Wake Forest University?

I weirdly have a lot of connections to North Carolina. My parents went to UNCG, my aunt lives in Raleigh, and quite frankly it’s the best school I got into!! *jajaja* I’ve loved every second of it, both NC and Wake. It’s sad to think that I’ll be leaving W-S in just a week.

What did you study at Wake?

I’m graduating with a major in Art History! Best decision I ever made. Seriously the Art department at Wake is sooo underrated! I’ve had the best professors – that turned into mentors, that later became friends – I could have ever asked for.

You can say that again! Go Wake art department! Do you have any minors?

Yes! I’m a double minor in Spanish and Global Trade & Commerce Studies.

What has been your favorite class at Wake?

Probably History of Photography with Dr. O’Neill. I’ve had a lot of great Art History classes, but what I learned from that one has stuck with me the most.

What’s your favorite place in Winston-Salem?

Any place with food. *jaja* Currently – Village Juice!

What are you going to miss most about Wake after you graduate?

Other than living in the Compound with my best friends… I would say that I’ll miss Paz Studios downtown. I was never into yoga until I went there!

Paz is incredible! Such a hidden gem in Winston!

And Elliott, if you are reading this, ILY!

Do you have any post grad plans?

Moving back home at the moment! I have a couple of weddings to go, and miss home and my friends. But I am hoping to move to New York, if not this summer, then for sure in the fall.

What is your dream job?

Anything that would require lots and lots of travel! I love getting to go to new places and learning about new cultures.

What do you hope to be doing in five years?

In five years, I will be saying that I am “25+2.” I hope to be working somewhere in the fashion industry for sure.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Fur. Ugh, hate to love it.

What can’t you live without?

Avocado toast with an over medium egg on top and hot sauce from home (best $#!t out there!). I have it every morning. I am a creature of habit.

What can you live without?

White wine *jajajaja* ew!

What items do you have with you at all times?

Phone wallet, hair tie, and sparkly lipgloss.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled? 

Most recently, I loved Montréal! You feel like you’re in Europe but it’s not nearly as far away. It is a walking city with lots of great good. It was so fun.

Where do you want to travel next?

I’ve been craving to go to Southeast Asia, like Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Hope to go there soonish!

While we are on the topic of travel – what are your travel essentials?

Headphones, my iPad, Nuxe SPF 20 Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a comfy sweater.

Who’s your style icon?

Emma Watson no question. She is so feminine and poised. Her last shoot with Tim Walker for Vanity Fair was incredible!

What’s your go to outfit?

Definitely black skinny jeans and a white tee.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would you buy?

A private plane so it can take me anywhere I want to go.

Do you think growing up in Panama influenced your taste?

Yes it has. It is so funny because when I first got to Wake my mom bought me a bunch of Lilly Pulitzer because I “wear too much black.” *jajaja* Pictures of me freshman year are quite LOL…

What are your top three emojis? 

What are your favorite blogs and/or Instagram accounts?

I mostly do the ‘gram, so my favorites would have to be @beigecardigan for humor, @bambaswim for some cute bathing suits and thinspo, and @artxtalent for visually appealing things. This is currently my favorite meme *jajaja*.

What was the last thing you took a photograph of on your phone?

Do screenshots count? I accidentally clicked on my reminders app yesterday and found this…

My life in a nutshell.

What the hashtag that best describes your life?

Oyy that’s a tough one. Maybe #PanamaPrincess or #pink? Truly I can relate to so many. Never a dull moment.

Complete these sentences. I shop…

… for cheap sunglasses online since my mom still picks out all of my clothes.

I am…

… a neat freak. I operate best in clean and organized spaces.

Okay let’s do some quick q’s for the last questions!

Hadids or Jenners?


Tacos or sushi?


Sneakers or sandals?


#Filter or #NoFilter?

Absolutely filter

Vogue or Harper’s?


In store or online?

Online most of the time

Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld?

Anna Wintour

Tequila or vodka?

Tequila is more fun

Campus Grounds or Starbucks?

I have to go with Starbucks for variety

Kombucha or cold pressed juice?


Hurricane or Heat?


Black or gold?


Thank you again for the chat and the adventure around town, Emelie! Also shout out to Phillip for the incredible pictures!

– GW

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