Shopping Without Having to Put a Dent in Your Wallet!

Many who know Fifi (my twin sister) and I know that we love to shop.  Unfortunately for us shopping addicts, this activity does come with a price tag! For years, many of my peers would ask me where we would get a lot of our clothes from and automatically assume that we would spend a lot of money for them. Little do they know that we actually shop from a wide variety of stores. These supply chains could range from thrift stores to huge brands like Michael Kors. Soooo, I have chosen to let you guys in our shopping secrets for both cute and affordable shopping! Those who do not have an unlimited budget for shopping (like many college students), I will provide you a way with tips in purchasing quality clothes for less expensive.

Tip #1: Seasonal Sales!

Looking for seasonal sales are a great way to get certain clothing items for super cheap. Reductions can range from as little as 20% to as large as 75%. Fifi and I usually look for these kinds of sales to save more and also buy more! In addition, end of season sales also offers super great sales for the clothes that stores want to get rid of because of the new upcoming season. Even though the season may be over, you can use these sales to stock up for the next year’s season! In the picture below, Fifi is wearing the Burgundy Waterfall Puffer Jacket from Missguided which she got for $50.00 instead of the original $200.00. Looking for sales like these can get you quality for much cheaper.

Tip #2: Mix n Match!

Don’t be afraid to mix certain quality items with cheaper items. For our 16th birthday, Fifi and I were gifted Michael Kors Handbags by our parents. Given their great quality, these handbags have helped add value to many clothes that we have purchased for super cheap. My tip for this segment would be to look for certain items that you consider valuable and pair them to items that are not at all expensive. Shopping at cute yet affordable brands like Forever 21 or Primark are great places to shop if you aren’t looking to splurge. In this picture, Fifi is wearing a puffer jacket from Bershka paired with jeans from Primark. She added the Michael Kors Handbag to add a little more value to the overall fit.

Tip #3: Waiting isn’t always a bad idea..

           Last but not least, I always tell my friends to wait a couple of weeks before buying rather newly offered items. For myself (and I am sure a lot of other people as well), I have had the heartache of purchasing clothes for the full price when I could have gotten it for 75% less if I had just waited a couple of weeks. I really do not want you guys to go through this! So, if it is not an absolute emergency, wait to buy the item of clothing that you want to purchase and see whether the price will fluctuate to a significantly lower one in a couple of weeks or so. Below, I am wearing a Zara handbag that was originally priced for $90.00 dollars but (after having waiting a couple of weeks) dropped down to $30.00. Waiting isn’t always so bad especially when it comes with cheaper prices!

Photo Credit: Fifi Konaté

Photos courtesy of Fadima Konaté and as marked

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