SnapSuits – Rethinking How the Custom Suit is Sold

I should be embarrassed that once again I am writing an article about someone I found via my late-night-Insta-stalking habit. However, I am too excited to feel any shame. Instagram has reminded me, once again, that this social-media platform is a wonderful networking resource where I can always turn for inspiration. This time, I am breaking away from my tradition of interviewing Instagram-famous-artists, like Julie Houts, Chris Rellas, and Drawbertson, and instead am interested in speak to entrepreneurs.

Who would have thought Winston Salem could be a startup hub – nonetheless a tech and fashion startup hub? Well, I definitely didn’t, but I was immediately inspired and excited after meeting the guys behind SnapSuits, a site founded to make men’s searches for a smart and perfectly fitting suits much easier.   


It is well known that weddings are all about the traditions and fashion. On one side of the altar, the bride and her bridesmaids are lined up beautifully, wearing perfectly tailored dresses they get to keep after the big day.

On the other side, the groom and his buddies stand together, typically wearing some ensemble from the rental place up the street, and let’s be real, there’s no way these suits fit every guy the way they are suppose to. That’s not even the worst part. Nine out of ten times, the rentals are due the next day. What hung over –maybe even still a little drunk – male is going to get out of bed, find all the parts of this tuxedo, and get it back to the shop before closing? (Answer: few to none) Now, the groomsmen face late fees on top of all the rental fees they already had to bear. The wedding party also has the option of everyone purchasing matching suits, but this is just as inconvenient and significantly more costly than renting.

In America alone, there are 2.5 million weddings a year, and there’s an average of six and a half groomsmen annually; most of these men will need to rent a suit or tuxedo. So, in our modern market where problems are constantly being solved, why are men in need a formalwear stuck with such an outdated system?


Enter SnapSuits. After too many frustrating and complicated rental experiences, brothers Ryan and Drew Leahy decided it was time to reinvent the archaic system. The two young entrepreneurs had an idea unlike any other – low price, high quality custom suits.

For only $250, SnapSuits allows you to order a completely customized suit or tuxedo from the comfort of your own home. When they say, “completely customized,” SnapSuits means it! They offer thousands of possible combinations with varying stitching color, monograms, personalized lining fabric, pocket style, and collar shape. They also use a unique twelve-point technology so your order will be tailored to your precise measurements. And that’s not even the best part. Your order will be at your front door in 14 days. Yes, you read that right. Fully customizable suits for $250 delivered in 14 days.


Photo credit @SnapSuits on Instagram

If you are unfamiliar with the market, rental tuxedos and suits are start at about $200. Tux and suits of the same quality that SnapSuits offers typically are marked up three to four times their actual cost, usually ending up between $750 and $1000 dollars.

SnapSuits offers a designer-quality product at the cost of a rental by using a “technology company approach to the custom clothing industry.” Roger Burnett, Vice President of Sales, said, “With rentals, you are taking on a high cost expense, [but] with SnapSuits, you are making an affordable, one-time investment.”


Photo credit @SnapSuits on Instagram

In 2013, the Leahy brothers launched SnapSuits in Boston, but soon decided to relocate their offices. After several trips and much consideration, Winston Salem became their new home. Unlike the other cities they considered, like Los Angeles and New York, this city in North Carolina gave them the state’s strong history in textiles and the commodities of relatively low rent, great weather, and southern hospitality.

SnapSuits continues to see incredible growth as they enter into their fourth summer. In fact, January and February of this year were two of the startup’s biggest and busiest months. The company has also recently added a storefront to their offices in the Historic Brookstown district of Winston Salem. Because they are located in the same building as Twin City Hive and Alkali Salon, they receive a large number of walk-ins. SnapSuits has even bettered the suit purchasing experience for men by allowing a groom and his groomsmen to get together and share a few drinks in their store while getting fitted.


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If you are not convinced by now to #NeverRentAgain and order a SnapSuits custom suit, then I highly suggest going down to 301 Brookstown Ave. and see what they have to offer.

Coach Manning – if you frequent WFU Style and are reading this right now (if not, someone please send this his way), the SnapSuits team would love to congratulate you on Wake making the NCAA tournament and your amazing season by giving you the best fitting suit of your life. 

Make the move to #NeverRentAgain and check out the game changing Winston Salem startup SnapSuits.

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