Spring Style Trends

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

As the wise woman Miranda Presley once noted, florals for spring cannot be the only trend  gracing the pages of Vogue, the runways of Milan, or the streets of Paris. In fact, trends, like bold stripes, tassel earrings, and ruffles, are dominating the fashion world this season.


Bold Stripes

Do stripes really ever go out of style? J.Crew has taught us all that a navy and white striped shirt can do wonders when one feels like they have “nothing to wear.” Stripes are a classic, and this spring, they are being reinvented by designers; say hello to even bolder and brighter stripes.


Shoulder Dusters

The off-the-shoulder trend now has created a new accessory: shoulder dusters. Oscar de la Renta started this trend long ago, and now it has transitioned from runways, to resort wear, to everyday wear. Complement the accessory trend with a sleek ponytail, too!


Button Down Shirts Revamped

A classic button down is a staple in any wardrobe, but 2017 is giving this piece a slight makeover. Cut out shoulders, add pleats, or have it sit off the shoulder…the options are endless!


Bell Sleeves

Ring, ring! The bells are calling…Bring back the 70’s! Bell sleeves are the latest craze. This redesigned cut can be seen on all silhouette–dresses, sweaters, and simple black blouses are all featuring this throwback look.



Is there anything more feminine than ruffles? The biggest ruffle trend is seen on the sleeves of tops and sweaters.

photo credits RevolveClothing

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