Streetwear meets Luxury: Supreme x Louis Vuitton

For the second time in the two respective brands’s histories, Supreme and Louis Vuitton will release a collection that was premiered at the Louis Vuitton FW17 show. Supreme had previously been sued by Louis Vuitton in 2000 after the release of their first LV-inspired collection after claims that the collection wasn’t authorized by the French fashion house, adding intrigue to the already interesting collaboration.


This collaboration has prompted mass excitement in both the streetwear community along with luxury goods consumers as Supreme is largely considered to be the most highly revered brand in the streetwear community (just as Louis Vuitton is widely considered to be the most important brand in the luxury goods community). This sentiment has carried over into advertisement for the collaboration as there was a sign outside the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris that read “Supreme is my Louis Vuitton”.


Many important figures in the hip-hop and fashion community were in attendance for the show, most notably rapper Travis Scott, VLONE founder and member of A$AP Mob Young Lord (A$AP Bari), and Off-White founder and Kanye West creative director Virgil Abloh. The attempts of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Style Director, Kim Jones, to reach out to key members of the hip-hop community, particularly Travis Scott, reflected the growing relationship between hip-hop and fashion continues to blossom.


With the presentation of the collaboration, comes the price list or leaked price list that is passed around, forum after forum. If the price lists turn out to be factual, which they tend to be, the most affordable item is a $215 bandanna. It’s no surprise that Louis Vuitton’s signature trunk revamped with Supreme branding was the most expensive piece in the collection, coming in at a cool $68,500. If you’ve got a couple thousand dollars sitting around just waiting to be spent, or loving parents who are willing to refinance the house, that $2,500 bomber jacket looks pretty dope.

Here’s to more awesome collaborations from these two legendary brands in the future.

All images from Louis Vuitton and Travis Scott’s Instagram.

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