Student Spotlight: Bryant Crawford

WFU Style isn’t just dedicated to one type of person and background. We like to encompass people from all different types of paths that embrace who they are. For this student spotlight, I wanted to highlight someone who embraces who they are and shows it through their fashion and lifestyle. Meet Wake Forest’s very own Bryant Crawford. Bryant is one of the star players of our men’s basketball team and I sat down with him so he could tell me 13 reasons why embracing your style is important. (He also wears the number 13 if you didn’t know!)

1. Style is a first impression. When people say first impressions count, believe them. You always want to carry yourself in a way that you want others to view you.

2. Style is a conversation. Conversations about style are not just about fashion but character, goals, experiences.

3. Style is a confidant. You can always depend on your style to be there because it is something that you created.

4. Style is a connection. Your style will attract others, and allows you to make connections with others.

5. Style is respect. With great style comes great respect, people will notice the way you carry yourself.

6. Style is a reflection of you. You should always want your style to reflect what type of person you want to be.

7. Style is your past.

8. Style is your present.

9. Style is your future.

10. Style is change. You should not want to stay the same throughout your life. Your style is built upon updating yourself.

11. Style is not just fashion. People seem to think that style is about how you dress; you make the clothes, the clothes do not make you.

12. Style is confidence. Confidence is key, and your style allows you to have that.

13. Style is a legacy. Whether good or bad you will leave a legacy in this world, and your style will be one of the ways people will remember you.

Bryant wears G-Star jeans, hoodie and jacket. Boots Yeezy Combat. Belt MCM.


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