Student Spotlight: Lauren Gable, the Makeup Queen

Meet Lauren Gable, one of Wake Forest’s elite makeup artists.

I sat in awe as I observed Lauren perform her daily routine, asking her all about her self- proclaimed obsession.

The products she swears by:

Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder

I use it to set my foundation and it makes your face look flawless in pictures and keeps your makeup in place all day!

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade

I use this for my brows and set it with a colored eye shadow for all-day wear.

ANY eyeshadow palette by Morphe

My favorite is the 350M palette. The pigment is so intense and the palettes aren’t overly expensive like some brands.

On why she loves it…

My best friend in middle school started getting into makeup so naturally I decided that I would hop on the train too. I started experimenting with mascara and shadows in eighth grade and slowly got better through LOTS of trial and error over the years. I always get asked if I learned from YouTube and I actually didn’t start watching YouTube makeup videos until I knew what I was doing. I tend to watch a lot of them now for inspo and ways to step outside my comfort zone in the makeup world!

Her current obsession…

Pink-based eyeshadow looks. SO trendy and pretty. Love the Barbie vibes.

It’s hard to miss this stunner around campus, but even more so when she looks camera ready for a 9 a.m.

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