Student Spotlight: Maggie Grundy

Fashion is more than just a way to cover your body–fashion is art. WFUStyle member, Maggie Grundy, embodies this idea through her mutual love of the two worlds.

When she is not learning about the upcoming trends, she is working for Higher Art Galleries, an online gallery. With her major in Art History, Maggie says her dream would be to spend her time growing her knowledge about different artworks and working in an art gallery.

“Art is any way that people express themselves through creativity. When people choose an outfit or a piece it’s their way of expressing their own personality,” Maggie explains.

Similar to an artist’s process, Maggie feels as though she is creating a work of art every time she styles a new outfit. She explains that “your body is a blank canvas that you can throw different patterns and colors on. You are the artist and you have to create a masterpiece on your body in a sense.” Maggie describes her own style as feminine and feels most confident when she embraces her femininity through her clothing.

Her fashion sense takes inspiration from some of her favorite artists. Most of her favorite artists have different styles ranging from the Early Italian Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism. She explains that for her, it’s more about the color scheme. Serene, yet vivid, colors catch her eye, because they bring her a sense of peace. Maggie incorporates these tranquil color schemes into her everyday outfits. The colors present in her clothing closely relate to Larry Poon’s A Fortune in Solitude. Maggie feels “drawn to this artwork because of Poon’s choice of light, pastel colors and his abstract patterns.”

She mirrors this art through her collection of scarves. Her love for the delicate colors and textures of Henri Matisse’s The Open Window are evident in the floral patterns of her scarves. To Maggie, the graphics present on her scarves represent fine art rather than simply a fashion trend. Similar to Maggie’s ideas, designers are beginning to embrace the beauty of wearable art. Louis Vuitton recently worked with Jeff Koons to create a line of bags featuring well-known paintings by François Boucher, Paul Gauguin, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, J. M. W. Turner and Nicolas Poussin. This integration allows fashion to be seen as an authentic expression of creativity, rather than a superficial medium to display art.

Maggie raves over her most treasured piece, her handmade sunglasses from New Orleans. The handcraftsmanship of her sunglasses makes them “feel like a piece of art” that she can wear. They represent more than just a fashionable accessory for a sunny day. For her, these sunglasses are just as much art as a painter’s canvas. Similar to a sculpture, the sunglasses depict the creativity and personality of the artist who crafted them.

Maggie continues to inspire those around her through her love of art and her passion for individuality. Her positive energy and artistic intellect shines through with her feminine yet sophisticated style. For Maggie, every day presents itself with the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Written by Katherine Grabowksy

Edited by Julia Sawchak

Photos contributed by Maggie Grundy and Katherine Grabowsky

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