Student Spotlight: Maude Frye, the Cyclebar Star

Student Spotlight: Maude Frye, the Cyclebar Star

Meet Maude, a sophomore at Wake Forest and fabulous instructor at Cyclebar Winston-Salem! I caught up with her for a quick Q&A session:

Hometown: Atherton, CA

Favorite way to sweat/workout routine (besides CB, of course): I love to do pilates reformer! I am a big class workout girl, it’s hard for me to motivate myself to workout on my own.

Fave workout apparel: Lululemon

Wellness trend you love: To be honest, I am not huge into wellness trends. I love kombucha (if that counts??) but my biggest thing is that I eat and workout to feel good. I don’t do fad diets or anything like that.

Can’t start my day without: Making my bed.

On campus, you can find me… : Huge Subway gal, so catch me there.

Go-to off-campus restaurant in Winston: I loooove Chopt! The workers there know me, not gonna lie.

Favorite way to treat yo-self ( fave indulgent/guilty pleasure): My suitemates and I have made a bad habit out of Uber Eats-ing McDonalds…

Latest TV binge: 90210, but I am a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan.

Celebrity crush: Patrick Dempsey

Dream vacay: Capri or Greece

#1 used emoji: Currently 🔥, but I like to change it up.

Song that never fails to get me on the dance floor: Definitely Rake it Up, SUCH a jam!

Can’t get enough of…: Diet Coke

WHY SHE LOVES CYCLEBAR: “For 45 minutes when the lights go off and the music is turned up, everything outside the room doesn’t matter. All that matters is how my mind and body are feeling right in that moment. There are so few moments where I get to feel like that and just let everything slip away. Especially as an instructor, sharing that feeling with my class is intoxicating.”


“Before coming to Wake, I cycled 4 or 5 times a week, so not having a cycling studio at school was a major adjustment. The opportunity to teach at Cyclebar really fell into my lap when a good friend of mine heard about the opportunity to audition to become an instructor and referred me to Dixon, the owner of Cyclebar Winston-Salem. After auditioning, I went through a rigorous training process in order to become certified to teach. Teaching was never something I anticipated doing, but I am so grateful to get the opportunity to be apart of the Cyclebar community, but also have something that takes me off campus once in a while. The talented and passionate team of instructors we have at CBWS have been so fun to work with and such a fun community to be a part of – I am so lucky to call them a second community outside of WFU.”

Wanna rock your ride with this CycleStar? You can kick off your week with Maude on Monday mornings at 8am, or break a sweat with her on Thursday afternoons at 4pm! She takes song requests, too! 🙂 Check out the full schedule here.

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