Style-O-scopes: March 2015

Midterms, Spring Break, the beginning of spring concerts and do I hear a horse race? Whatever events you’ve got going this month, the universe has got some predictions on how you’ll be marching into the new season. Add my interpretation to Susan Thriller Miller’s horoscopes and you get STYLE-O-SCOPES! Read on and get your good ora going:



We gonna party like it’s your birthday….. Happy Birthday Pisces! This month you are going to receive lots of love, luck and moola. By March 5th, you will be focusing your cosmic energy on love… for spring break? Probably. It could be a new love interest, or an old love (or the current one) on this full moon. It WILL get a little steamy though. Mercury conjoins dreamy Neptune on March 18. Keep a clear head and don’t float away on wishful thinking, especially when studying for midterms! The New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) on March 20 is very powerful and all to yoself. Spend it with someone you care about doing something you care about. The intensity won’t last, but the feelings will linger throughout the end of the school year.

Your good luck charms this month: Birthday Cake, bottle opener, yummy dinners


It’s Your birthday too! The March 5 Full Moon reminds you to check yo self emotionally before you wreck yo self, you do you this month. It’s a subdued New Moon and Solar Eclipse for you on March 20. Feelings and opinions will be stronger than ever, and you’ll at one point in the month get frustrated for not being able to do two things at once, (online shopping and finishing your english paper is our prediction). Think and plan more now and act later. The Moon makes a friendly sextile with Mars in Aries on March 26. Be energetic and say bye to all haters this month….. C’ya never.

Your good luck charms this month: competition, parties, Whole Foods receipts


You may be craving fun and games during the March 5 Full Moon, just in time for Spring Break! Dress up, step into the crowd, and have a good time with your buds. Friends will have plenty of suggestions, choose something less outrageous. Your ruler Venus enters Taurus on March 17. Expect more comfort, pretty things, and romance starting today. Your natural big-hearted nature seeks out an even bigger way to express itself during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20. Don’t get emotional or exhaust yourself, but if you can do more in a group setting and keep it interesting, then why not? Reward yourself with something attractive.

Your Lucky Charms this month: credit card, Sephora card, Lucky Charms cereal


The March 5 Full Moon shines straight into your home life and will make you more of a homebody. Part of this may be because your Wake scene has gotten overheated and emotional. If so, curl up at home and decompress. You can make a huge splash back to campus or in public, in a very good way, with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20. If you keep control of the situation, you can make this advantage last and continue to benefit you all semester long. The Gemini Moon squares Mercury on March 25, encouraging people to emotionally argue about nothing and everything. Don’t fall for it! Use than energy elsewhere, like maybe going on pinterest for hours?

Your lucky charms this month: cucumbers, avoiding social media for a day or two, face masks


Let the March 5 Full Moon move you closer to your friends and family. Everyone may be having their issues now, but someone could step up and offer you a helping hand! On March 20 discover a new passion or interest that teaches you a lot, advances your career, and promotes a powerful new friendship aka. establishing a friendship with the 2am Cook-out cashier. This New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) may show you a bigger, better world for you to thrive in with no worries. The weekend of March 28 is sensitive and romantic, with the Cancer Moon making a trine with Mercury in Pisces. If you’re interested in someone new, be sweet and make your moves now! YOLO.

Your lucky charms this month: freshly painted nails, green juice, E-Mail alerts


The Full Moon on March 5 could bring you MOOLAA or take it away and give it to a needier cause. Consider yourself a lucky duck and you will be. Be sharp-minded and ready for anything with the March 20 New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Probably nothing exciting will happen today, but if and when it does anytime this year, you’ll have no trouble being happy, especially on behalf of someone weaker.Keep calm and carry on no matter what. March 29 could light a fire in you as the Leo Moon trines the Sun in Aries, go out and do something special and important to you! Margs at The Porch with friends? Check.

Your lucky charms this month: Enjoying the sun, some expensive champagne, 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack 


The March 5 Full Moon touches your heart, but it could hit the heart of a friend or family member. Pay close attention to one another, be understanding, and learn what you can from any rough spots. If you’re between loves, do what you can to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. Unless of course you’re in between Cook-out of Domi’s, which in that case good luck not getting any hard feelings. Love pours down on you with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20. It’s way more than romantic! It could be school or job related too. Form a deeper bond with a casual partner and become a dynamite duo. On March 30 your planet Mercury enters Aries. Be proactive and ambitious all week!

Your lucky charms this month: Domi’s iPhone app, Figure 8 Ball, Hanky Pankys 


Your energy might be mellow during the Full Moon on March 5, so maybe do something quiet and calm. Be good to yourself and don’t overreact. Deal with any health issue ASAP, but don’t imagine things to be worse than they are. You have a strong personal New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20, when all those little things that make daily life a batch become as easy as ordering Elizabeth’s. From now on deal easily with those details and have more energy for the bigger, more glamorous projects in your life! Starting March 27, enjoy a lovely but financially sensible weekend as Venus squares extravagant Jupiter. Weekend Getaway to Asheville? Hmmm…

Your lucky charms this month: Spotify premium, white peach candle, peppermint tea


Be sociable, go out to Late Night, LR, whatever makes you social and maybe participate in some group or public charity at the Full Moon on March 5. Donate some canned food or say yes when someone offers you a small favor. People want to like you! Zero in on your true passion with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20. Determine what excites you and is meaningful enough that it’s worth taking some risks. The weekend of March 28 holds the promise of some spring fling but not without a few minor crossed wires. A Cancer Moon squares Mars in Aries, so beware of honest words colliding with tender feelings.

Your lucky charms this month: Small I.D. Wallet, make-up wipes,


The Moon conjoined Jupiter on March 2, so fell lucky all week long! You’ll be busy with some kind of school work during the March 5 Full Moon, or you could get that callback for another interview. It may not all go smoothly, but be self-contained, confident, and great. Family may get a little annoying at the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20. Someone important may open up to you and be willing to be vulnerable soon, so be ready with a box of Kleenex. Appreciate and respect it though, that person really trusts you! Changes made this day can last all year, so make them good ones. The Moon conjoins Jupiter again on Monday March 30. So end on a lucky note.

Your lucky charms this month: Kleenex, movie theatre popcorn, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s “AmericCone” ice cream


You may want to hide in your busy work on the March 5 Full Moon, but your friends won’t let you! Be grateful that people notice and care about you. Enjoy a slow, careful Spring Break when the Capricorn Moon watches Saturn go stationary retrograde on March 14. (This continues until August, so make friends with it.) Under the New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) on March 20, something exciting will happen here at Wake, with the fam or your friends. Keep your positive ora going and see how it improves the rest of the year!

Your lucky charms this month: A cocktail/mocktail in your hand, snapchat “add a friend” ghost  feature, any kind of confetti


Jupiter gets hot with Uranus on March 3, today. expect nothing but compliments today and if you haven’t yet than consider this your compliment! Get off to a quick start and get a lot done over the next few days, which you kind of have to because Mid-terms are eating everyone alive right now. Expect lots of questions on the Full Moon on March 5. Whatever you do will bring love and many future favors! BUT, don’t be drained and left hurting. Reconsider how you want to be making money at the New Moon on March 20, maybe get a job? It’s also a Solar Eclipse, so you can make changes in how you make your way in the world, or the Wake scene! You can make it work so long as your heart is really wanting to. Go to Zicks, eat some pizza, make a friend.

Your lucky charms this month:  The Captionable app, flash cards, pizza. 

That’s all for this month, spirit junkies! check back in next month for a new way to live your chic, stylish life!


 – Ivanna

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