Fall Style-O-Scopes

Whatever events you’ve got going this month–Midterms, Fall Break, PSL themed parties(?), the universe has got some predictions on how you’ll be FALLing into this new sweater weather.  Add my interpretation to Susan Thriller Miller’s horoscopes with Refinery 29’s moonwalking and you get STYLEOSCOPES! Read on and get your good aura going.


Libra is going at it Oprah style this month yelling, “You get positive energy! You get positive energy!” to every sign out there. Until the 22nd, the sun will be illuminating the signs of peace, love and harmony, having a desire to pair spirits up (cuffing season, anyone?). Ever thought of meeting that special someone from across the world? Mercury and worldly Jupiter will be all around Libra, making different cultural backgrounds come together. #wanderlust


Yes, balanced Libra is inviting every one of us to her loveshack this month. And when the sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, we could all be finding who to spend those winter months with. BUT, beware. Relationships could be at a make-it-or-break-it sitch towards the end of the month (spooky!). Love isn’t something you can “fake it ‘till you make it”. If you’re not feeling the vibes, get out of that ASAP.  If you are though, put that relationship on lock. Let yourself surrender to that puppy love .


Your two life coaches have arrived: Motivation Mars and Powerful Pluto, and they are here to stay. Both are all up in Capricorn’s business making us all go goal-obsessive (college seniors can relate to these feels).  When your two other bffs, Venus and good vibes Saturn align on the 29th, you could be locking down some exciting, long-term plans (a job maybe?).


There is no such thing as starting Halloween early (if you’re that neighbor sporting a pumpkin mid-August, own it). On the 30th, a new moon in Scorpio will come swaying in with haunting and mystical energy. With this sultry sign in your vibes, costumes could get extra-racy this year — or lean towards vintage goth, in a Tim Burton kind of way (Multiple chokers involved). If you’re planning on wearing a mask, don’t be ready to take it off just yet. You’re prince charming might be around, and if you intrigue him, you’ll make him want to guess what kindred spirit is making him go Cinderella Story crazy.



It’s your birthday month! Time to tell the whole world and document it via Snapchat. The new moon in Libra will be the finest new moon of all 2016, for it comes with lots of goodies! These next few weeks you’ll begin to receive lots of hugs, compliments and, you guessed it, cake. Your new moon is strong for ten to twelve days but with each passing day it gets weaker, so make sure you live it up these next few days. Schedule an interview, go on a date, start that new hobby you wanted to try out. You can manifest your desire if you are willing to take the few first steps! Mercury rules your house of love and fun, and Jupiter rules your house of travel. From Friday, October 7 through Tuesday, October 11, take a romantic getaway or pamper yourself. Go to a small town nearby ( May I suggest Asheville), take a day trip, go to a spa, the opportunities for you this month are endless luxuries.


Your luck charms this month: Frosting, confetti, pear juice, Snap/Insta/FB

Your song of the month: “Party in the Club” – 50 cent

Your token of the month: your signature LBD



Fellow Scorpios, here me out. Focus on the things you do want, instead of what you don’t.The law of attraction is on your side this month but don’t get too caught up, focus on those bright opportunities! Until the 22nd, the sun will join libra and your 12th house of subconscious healing. Remove yourself from those toxic relationships, have one-on-one convos with your besties about real issues, quit that job you’ve been getting the life sucked out of. Your happiness is more important than these so called “securities”. On the 19th, you could meet an incredible source of energy when your co-rulers Mars and Pluto hold a rare coffee date.You may tend to flake on plans this month, but not on this day honey. This day is your day for 2016. Your birthday will soon be coming up, as the sun whips into your sign for a month. We’re talking lots of yummy eating, lots of celebrating and you’ll be quite the rainmaker!


Your lucky charms this month: Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask, a BFF, meditation app

Your song of the month: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” – Kanye West

Your token of The month: Cream buttoned down silk blouse



This month is going to be HUUUUUUGE! Everyone wants to be you, fellow Saggiez. Your popularity this month will be at one of it’s highest this year, which means more plans, more activities, more fun! You’re town to earth vibes are what make you a fun to be with sign, so start planning! A weekend getaway with friends? A karaoke night? Whatever it is you choose to go cray cray, you’ll be lighting up the room with your fun, sporadic energy. The sun will be dippin dottin’ it into scorpio on the 22nd, which may bring some energy levels down. But only if you let them! Keep your positive energy flowing and el sol will come into your sign pretty soon! Also, do I hear *Chiching chichingg*?? An opportunity for money will be present on the 16th, but make sure to invest! Only way you’ll be able to save for those Coachella Tickets hunny.


Your lucky charms of the month: Find My Friends, Wine Opener, piggy bank

Your song of the month: “Weekend”- Icona Pop  

Your token this month: black leather leggings


In it to win it, Capricorns? Until the 22nd, the sun comes hand in hand with Jupiter, giving you an ambitious element! Have an interview coming up? Trying to start a new project? Motivator Mars will be trekking through you all month, making you an unstoppable spirit. One thing to remind yourself though: Don’t get too caught up in competition, don’t fixate on crushing your opponent. Focus on becoming your best and collaborate with those around you to make this a great month! When it comes to your love life, don’t sweat the small stuff. You may feel adrift this month as Venus keeps it casual until the 18th. Focus on yourself and your priorities, and if you do have a SO don’t get too attached, you do you boo.


Your lucky charms of The month: Colored pens, breath mints, fresh painted nails.

your song of the month: “Wow”- Beck

Your token of the month: Good pair of heels



Truth, truth, real honest truth, that’s what we Aquarius babes prefer. The sun joins keep-it-real Jupiter in Libra and your unflinchingly honest 9th house until Oct. 22nd. It’s time to talk out any honesty issues you may be having in your life. But don’t get it twisted Aqua. This is not a time to just freely bash people with the honesty hammer. Use it to support a humanitarian issue. Also, pack your bags, Wanderlust just came out of nowhere and is kicking it into high gear.Though Long distance travel is always fun, go within your means. A weekend getaway or even a staycation will do the trick. Anything that involves learning something new!

Your lucky charms of The month: Polaroids/Disposables, Weekender, Snapchat flower filter

You song of the month: “Army”- Ellie Goulding

Your token of the month: Plain White T-shirt


Passion, Love, Mystery, do they ring a bell? Well the will this month fellow fishies. The sun joins daring Jupiter in your alchemical eighth house until the 22nd. And both will be joined by flirty mercury from the 7th onwards. Pick your poison, but be care full. While you’ll love the mysterious types, don’t get caught up in “the game”. If your crush isn’t texting you back, see that as a sign from the cosmos to get out now rather than later. If he does keep texting, it could become a rock solid relationship, so be mindful. The universe always has your back! If you’re already in a relationship, cement your bonds in a different way. Maybe have joint holiday-travel plans, give him a set of your keys (or old gold swipes?)

Your lucky charms of The month: goldfish snacks, Hank Panky undies, Champagne

Your song of the month: “Backstreet Freestyle”- Avstin James Remix

Your token of the month: Le Labo Perfume in Santal


Just where  is the Ryan to your Blake hiding? Search no more, powerful Aries, forget scanning the usual places. With the sun, curious Mercury, and worldly Jupiter all hitting Libra and your partnership house this month, it’s time to give a new type a try! The cute foreigner with the accent? Mucho gusto. Sparks could fly with a sexy expat or a traveller passing through town. Already found your Ryan? Your relationship has the potential to be even more exclusive, especially once the sun moves into scorpio on the 22nd. A surprise dinner? A surprise trip? You’ll find out with the new moon on the 30th. Trying to reach a balance? Keep on focusing on your career. You will reap huge rewards and motivator mars will cruise through Capricorn and your 10th house of success all month. Keep it spontaneous, Aries.


Your lucky charms of The month: Translator App, Map of the World, Spanish Wine

Your song of the month: “Bobo”- J.Balvin

Your token of the month: Red Lipstick


Time to take the bull by the horns, Taurus. And by bull, I mean your routine. October is your month of mindfulness.This means slowing down and really thinking about what you’re doing. Create efficient and healthier routines for your week, and really focus on your well being. Whether it’s going on walks after dinner or punching the bag at your local boxing club, Think of ways you can be more active within your busy schedule. If you’re diet is also in need of a makeover, focus on updating that too. With Scorpio sun lighting your relationship house from the 22nd and on, you might have a few prospects to consider. But out with the old, in with the new. If you are detoxing your routine, detox those relationships too. Don’t waste your time, it’s not worth it. No matter how many dinner dates he takes you on. Already taken? Take to your SO about changing date night, or even the way you guys coordinate routines. Give everything that restart button this month!


Your lucky charms of The month: Dating Apps, ClassPass, Green Juice

Your song of the month: “Old Kanye”- Kanye West

Your token of the month: Cute Heels


Some of us signs are jealous of your boogie this month. Currently dreaming of the next event you can wear that “Cool outfit”? Your fun side is out to play this month as the sun, live-out-loud Jupiter, and your ruler Mercury all do time in your wildly expressive fifth house. A leadership position is calling for you, thanks to all that hard work you’ve been doing during the past two cycles. The new moon on the 30th could give you some moola moola too! Romance? Oh Gems, October has plenty. The spate of planets in Libra bring out the flirt in you! Reserve your affections for those who deserve your time of day. Lusty Mars is in your intense and seductive eighth house all month, making you magnetic! His trusty companion, Venus, jumps into your commitment zone from the 18th on. By the end of the month, you could be talking monogamy, exclusivity, or other milestone mergers. You could be facing a solid partner for this upcoming cuffing season. Bring out your exercise side on the 22nd, when the Scorpio sun illuminates your healthy house! Try a Yoga Class, go on  run, anything to get your heart pumping. We know you are not fan of the gym workouts, so find something that fits your flow!


Your lucky charms of The month: Diptyque Candle in Rose, Facetime, Yoga Class

Your song of the month: All Night- Chance The Rapper

Your token of the month: ABO (All Black Outfit)


It’s a party at Chateau Cancer this month! You’re in your domestic element until October 22 as the sun hunkers down in Libra and your cozy fourth house. With social Mercury and energizing Jupiter this month, your house can be the hub of all action. Break out that air mattress and mark your calendars, for your friends could roll in from out of town, giving you an excuse to be your hospitable self. Not liking your pad? The stars could reveal a lucky listing, and if they are, let’s just say the zip code will be very different. Your passionate, loving personality makes you Cupid’s darling this month. Bring on the heat! Red-hot Mars is in Capricorn all month, lighting fires in your seventh house of relationships. An attractive opposite can make you swoon, but make sure you save the final rose for someone who wants to go the distance with you. Make room under that duvet for a warm body. Career wise, circle in the 16th for any interviews, networking opportunities, anything that gets your career going! This month is loaded with surprises Cancer, so make sure you stay grounded like your crab-like self.


Your lucky charms of The month: Air Mattress, Marshmallow Cookies, Llamas

Your song of the month: “Hot in Here”- Nelly

Your token of the month: Killer Sunglasses



You’ve been nominated queen of the scene this month, fellow lions. Your popularity is off the charts this month! Gather your homies and enjoy their company, either staying in our going on an adventure. Ever liked writing? Give this month quality time for some journaling or finishing that cool article you’ve been trying to publish. With your communication house on point, these talents can quickly turn into some fast *$chaching$*. And boy do you have romance in store for this month, Leos. Until the 18th, sensual Venus will lounge in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. While you still definitely need to hang out with friends, also spend that quality time with your S.O. This month you want to engage in more one-on-one’s, like going on a hike, cooking together, anything that gets the heart pumping. Single? Your friends will be on the lookout for a new love interest, so stick by them on the 30th! Who knows, this one could finally be a keeper.


Your lucky charms of The month: Address Book, Instagram, Vespas

your song of the month: “Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield

Your token of the month: Multiple Chokers


Virgo, shake that money maker of yours. October will be a profitable month for you as the sun joins lucky Jupiter into the money zone until the 22nd. Start your networking moves on the 7th, the universe has got your back! Your dream opportunity is right around the corner, so take it before it’s too late. Check back on the 16th with any great ideas you may have. Find someone who could potentially be interested and may want to invest in it! If you’re feeling a current slump at work, try a fun side job like selling stuff on Etsy or making your Instagram a money maker. With your aesthetic, you could be making lots of moola managing social media feeds. So let’s get down to the real reason you’re reading,curious Virgos, you’re romance forecast. All month long, hot hot Mars is burnin’ up, burnin’ up for Capricorn and your fifth house of fame, self-expression, and romance. Your moves attract those romantically and professionally interested, so don’t be shy to boogie-oogie-oogie this month


Your lucky charms of The month: New wallet, Etsy account, Matte Face Primer

your song of the month: “A Milli”- Lil’ Wayne

Your token of the month: Golden Bracelet




*Astrological information taken from Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone and Refinery29’s Horoscope page*

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