The Stylish Ladies Guide to Overnight Plane Travel

Overnight flights are sometimes fun, sometimes scary and all of the time – plain exhausting.

It can be hard to sleep on overnight flights but if you pack these items in your carry-on you are sure to get some shut eye!

Sleeping mask: to help you actually sleep

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Ear plugs: to actually sleep even though there is a crying baby behind you

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Face wipes: to take your makeup off during the flight

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Clorox wipes: to wipe down your tv screen and controller.

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Contact lens carrier with face moisturizer in it

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Hand sanitizer: because planes are gross

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Tums: because you never know when that airplane food is going to make you sick

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Tylenol: just to be safe

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Mints: for fresh breath after you land

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Reading material: perfect to help you fall asleep

Photo courtesy of Hearst

Bon Voyage!

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