Summer Full of Fashion

Most of us get stuck in the same fashion routine every day. Dress codes at school and work, budget restrictions, or simply having to get up way too early for an eight-a.m. class can cause us to fall into a fashion comfort zone. I’ve always been into fashion, but every time I get back into school, I get lazy and find myself in leggings for most of the time. Over the summer, I made it my mission to step out of my fashion comfort zone and build myself an entirely new wardrobe. Fashion is more than just clothes, shoes and accessories paired together. Fashion is an art or form of self-expression. You can find pieces of clothing and jewelry that fit your personality and pair them together to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind outfit.  You can also step out of your comfort zone and discover your ability to pull off various looks and styles. Summer is one of the best seasons to try new things and figure out who you are. It is a great time to catch up on the latest trends and shop for new looks. For instance, this summer was all about indie brands, transparent details and novel jewelry. However, when it comes to deciding what’s “in,” that is up to you. Do not be afraid to pick up something bold and loud or to layer multiple prints together. This summer I found myself into polka dots, plaid and floral prints, which helped give off a fun, summery vibe.

As you can see, I’ve experimented with different types of patterns

If you’re one to wear a lot of solid colors, try picking up a print or two for a quick and easy gamechanger. If you truly want to take your fashion to the next level, add in the perfect pair of shoes or jewelry. For example, if I wore a solid-colored outfit, then I paired it with brightly colored wedges or floral printed heels. As I mentioned before, fashion is an art and you might find mixing and matching to be enjoyable. The most important thing to remember is that confidence is your best accessory. I found myself strutting in outfits I never would have seen myself in a year ago. If you simply choose to dress to impress yourself, the rest of the world will be impressed too.

Here I paired two solid prints with floral heels

Photos courtesy of Valerie Lopez – Instagram: @val.lopeznp

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