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Flower Crownin’ : Your Coachella Getaway + New Playlist

After scrolling through my Instagram this weekend (and the endless snapchat stories), I had nothing but Coachella FOMO. From runways to weddings, flower crowns are everywhere, and are such a simple accessory. Why buy a flower crown when you can make one yourself, even customize it to your style! Here’s how to make your own: First

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Fur Neck Warmers: Winter’s Hottest Accessory

Move over fur vests, this winter staple is being replaced by a different variation of fur. Be it fox, chinchilla or rabbit, fur scarves are this winter’s hottest trend.  With Winston’s recent “snowpocalypse” and Punxsutawney Phil predicting a few more weeks of winter, there is still time to rock this functional and chic accessory. 1

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