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Trash to Treasure

In today’s culture, luxury items tend to be everywhere. However, they come with scary price tags. As fashion is respected and enjoyed by a wide variety of people, I believe that everyone should have some opportunities to attain designer items. One way of doing so is through consignment shopping. This can be simply understood as

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Men’s Style at Wake Forest University

It’s right around that time where everyone is getting into their Fall/Winter wardrobes, including some of the men at Wake Forest. I wanted to gain insight into the inspiration behind their styles and see what trends they were following. From their favorite brands to their latest finds, here’s a look into their style! First up,

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Street Style at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

Whether New York, London, Milan, or Paris, we all love the extravagant runways of fashion week fashion weeks. From the exquisite details in the couture pieces of the most notorious fashion houses, to the abstract works of art brought to us by up and coming designers. However, we can’t forget about street style of the

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