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36 Hours in Rome

To enter the Eternal City, visitors must meet one crucial prerequisite: all must be in love. Atop every empty stretch of the River Tiber’s embankment walls, on every unoccupied park bench, at every sidewalk’s edge where a neon-red man blinks, pairs of twos are intertwined, legs draped over legs, arms over arms, kissing, cuddling, leaning,

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I’m a Pickle… Duh

Sitting at the kitchen table each year as a little girl, with Halloween looming and catalogues plastered with pictures of Snow Whites and Cinderellas, somehow, inevitably, it would resurface: the pickle idea. “I know!” my mom would announce, her excitement mounting, “You could be a pickle!” “Green tights”—ew!—“ a green garbage bag!”—what?!—“green facepaint!”—Mom! I stared

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