Tales of Summer: Adventures in Art

This summer, I had a wonderful experience as a graphic design intern at LaForce + Stevens, a PR agency with an exciting clientele. (Veuve Clicquot, Post-it Brand, Mara Hoffman, Perry Ellis, Omega, Jay Godfrey, and Target to name a few). However, I used my free time over the past few months to see (and instagram) a variety of contemporary art. While spending time in Connecticut, NYC, and Prague, I had the chance to visit famous architectural sites and renowned art museums. Take a look at the images below to see an abbreviated assortment of my favorites from the summer!


NYC (Jeff Koons at The Whitney) – Before The Whitney opens its new location in the Meatpacking District this spring, the museum filled its vast exhibition space with an assortment of works by Jeff Koons. The show was titled, Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, and will be displayed until October 19th if you want to check it out! Armed with a super-tourist audio guide, which often graced listeners with the voice of Koons himself, I toured the museum and was informed of the underlying meanings (often not so “kid-friendly”) of his readymades, industrially fabricated giant balloon dogs, sculptures commenting on mass culture, and more. (Check out Artsy’s Jeff Koons’ page for more background information!)


Artwork by Jeff Koons, and a #koonsselfie by me!

Prague – While visiting a city full of gorgeous old architecture and art, I made it my mission to also seek out some contemporary art, architecture, and cuisine. From Frank Ghery’s “Dancing Buildings” (nicknamed Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) to Museum Kampa full of contemporary art, to an artfully crafted staircase in a cafe, the famed John Lennon graffiti wall, and finally the amazingly unique restaurants and creative meals, the city was chock full of “new” creativity mixed with historical Czech tradition.


R: baby sculptures by David Cerny, L: Dancing House by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic


Staircase at Cafe Orient, leaving my mark on the Lennon Wall, “Loosing Shape” 1967 by Stanislav Kolíbal


Delicious meals at Bellevue and Kampa Park restaurants

Connecticut (Philip Johnson’s Glass House) – Philip Johnson’s Glass House is an iconic piece of architecture sitting on a famous property in New Canaan, Connecticut. Although I was born and raised in CT, I hadn’t had the chance to visit the site until this summer when my mom and I ventured out for a truly amazing guided tour. My two favorite parts of the extensive tour were (obviously) The Glass House which displayed a temporary “fog art” exhibition, and the painting gallery which housed pieces by Andy Warhol and Frank Stella. The morning tour included a wide range of facts and stories paired with the experience of visiting the sculpture gallery, guest house, outdoor sculptures, Mr. Johnson’s personal library, and unique entrance way to the estate. If you ever get the chance to take a tour here, you MUST! It was not only visually beautiful but informative and inspiring as well.


Fujiko Nakaya’s fog installation and Philip Johnson’s Glass House


Works by Frank Stella and portrait of Philip Johnson by Andy Warhol

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