The Casual Movement

Recently, I took a trip to Los Angeles with my family. For a special occasion, we decided to eat dinner at the Sunset Tower Bar–a bar/restaurant known for dining A-list stars since 1929. The men in my family grabbed their sports coats, and the women wore their nicest jewelry and dresses. Strangely enough, we showed up to a room full of movie stars and LA regulars wearing jeans and t-shirts.

“Casual” has become a movement. For me, the rise of casual dress means more creative freedom. While I don’t particularly embrace the “sweatpants everyday” look, I do think the fashion world’s tendency towards casual dress has led to more experimentation. From jeans and a leather jacket for a night out to office spaces embracing comfort, casual has taken over every sphere of the fashion world.

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Jeans open a world of possibility. The denim craze has only progressed since Britney Spears’ and Justin Timberlake’s iconic matching denim outfits on the red carpet in 2001. The days where “dark wash” or “white wash” were your only options are over. Now, the funkier the jeans are, the better. Fringe, patches, rips or prints are just a few of the countless options available to add flair to denim.

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While the world has made the shift from skirts to jeans, sneakers have surpassed heels and taken over the shoe industry. Tennis shoes have transformed into more than just workout attire. Brands like Rag & Bone, Superga, Steve Madden and Gucci design tennis shoes for everyday outfits. Now, fashion sneakers can even be worn with a dress for a more comfortable take on Sunday morning brunch. Footwear has shifted to where trendy doesn’t have to mean ankle blisters and sore feet.

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Casual attire has not stopped with recreational activities–it has also made its way into professional spaces. Many office spaces lowered the dress code restrictions and allow their employees to get creative with their own definition of “business casual.” Google is notable for being one of the first major companies to shift their workplace dress code to casual attire. They stand behind their philosophy of “you can be serious without a suit” and allow their employees to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere focused on creativity. Other businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, and Apple have followed the trend. Women can pair a blazer with jeans and loafers for a creative take on “business casual” while still staying professional.

We no longer live in a world where skirts and heels are expected, and fashion rules are rigid. Today, comfort is embraced and individualism is praised. Funky jeans are perfect for a night out, tennis shoes can be sported with a dress, and business professionals can tuck their suits to the back of their closets. As evident through the “casual movement,” in today’s fashion world, creativity takes precedent.

Written by Katherine Grabowsky

Edited by Julia Sawchak

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