4 Steps to having the cutest (and most functional) dorm room!

4 Steps to having the cutest (and most functional) dorm room!

1: Colorful Bedding or Pillows 

Because dorm rooms don’t have a lot of room for decorations, make your bed the “statement piece.” I would suggest either picking out a plain quilt with decorative pillows, or a bold printed duvet. Your bed is a great place to add color and show your personal style!


Quilt// Diamond Shag Pillow//  Blue Zig Zag Pillow// Colorfull Patterned Pillow//


Flower Print Duvet// Pink Quilt//

2: Wall decor

Wall décor can be a bit tricky because most dorms do not allow you to leave holes in the walls, making hanging things a little difficult (have no fear command strips normally will do the trick). But, because there is not very much space in a dorm, your walls are a perfect place to add some color and transform the cookie-cutter space into a luxurious home away from home.  My favorite way to decorate empty wall space is creating a gallery wall.You can either find prints online or you can make your own canvases! Garlands are also a great way to add color and texture to a wall, you can buy them on Etsy or DIY your own (check out my previous article on how to make one here)


Prints// Garlands//

Another tip that’s a space saver: make your accessories double as room decor. This trick helps save space while also making your room look like your own personal fashion house.


Clothing Rack// Shoe and Handbag Shelves//

3: Minimalist Desk Space

Try to keep your desk space minimalist and a clean space to study. I would suggest keeping a neutral color pallet for your desk area and your decor to a minimum (lamp, books, printer, and a picture frame or two and you’re good to go!) You can also write down some of your favorite quotes on sticky notes to make this space inspiring and productive!


Lamp// Desk Inspo// 

4: Make it cozy! 

One great way to make your dorm cozy is to use string lights and lots of lamps. The florescent lighting in dorm rooms can be very harsh, so one of my favorite ways to make my dorm cozy is to not use the harsh overhead and simply turn on string lights and lamps at night. Another great way to make your dorm room cozy and feel more at home is to use a scented diffuser. Because candles are unfortunately not allowed in most dorm rooms, diffusers are a great alternative. Finally, my last tip for making your dorm feel more like home is to add plants! Succulent plants are a great option because they require very little care and they automatically make your dorm feel a little more like home!


Lamp// Succulent// String Lights//  Voluspa Diffuser// 

Happy decorating!!


– Sophie

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