Tips to De-Stress

With midterms coming up and all the stress of college life, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed at times. Here are some things you can do to help you de-stress:

1. Face masks

Face masks are a nice way to unwind and give you the time to scroll through your Instagram feed while waiting for the mask to dry. Since they can get messy, try a sheet mask like this one ($3.99), or you can make one at home! 

Photo credits: SK-II

For a hydrating, homemade face mask combine:½ avocado

1/2 avocado, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 handful of oats

2. Work Out

Working out can be a great way to socialize and relieve stress. Grab a couple friends and head to the gym, take a work out class, or even just go on a walk. It might not sound like the best study break, but you’ll be happy you did it afterwards with all those endorphins pumping. 

3. Food!

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is by baking myself a treat. Not everyone has access to a kitchen and baking supplies in college, but there are still ways to have a sweet treat. Many brands have pre-made mug cakes…all you have to do is put them in a mug, add water, and microwave. Try this delicious brownie mug cake from Duncan Hines.

Photo credits: Duncan Hines

4. Nap

When in doubt, napping can be a great way to give your brain a break and reboot. Get into some comfy sweats, climb under your sheets, and fall asleep to some Netflix. When you wake up, you’ll be ready to take on whatever challenges await. 

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