Top 10 Things I Miss About London

Abroad in Winston is great, but as I scroll through Instagram in ZSR, it’s impossible not to be jealous of my friends abroad. Seeing pictures of them at the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and the Amsterdam canals makes me reminisce on my abroad experiences this past summer. I was lucky to spend the summer in London through the IES Summer Internships program.

To procrastinate studying for finals in ZSR, I decided to make a list of the top ten things I miss about my summer city:

1. The Parks

Amidst the bustling city life, London is full of greenery. Hyde Park is probably my all-time favorite spot in London. I loved going there on the weekends to walk, read, or paddle boat. I’m sure the parks are even more beautiful now with the colorful leaves.

Hyde Park (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)

2. The mix of modern and ancient architecture

One of my favorite parts about London is that the city manages to integrate the old and the new. I love how you can see a beautiful, ancient cathedral in the same area as a modern office building… or how you can be at Buckingham Palace one minute and walking on Regent Street the next.

City views from The Shard (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)

3. Hearing British accents everyday

I’m not sure why, but Brits sound far more educated and articulate than we do. They also have the best slang.

4. Pub Culture

I loved the casual, relaxed atmosphere of pub culture. It is so common for co-workers or friends to grab drinks after work. My co-workers invited me to the pub a few times and it was fun to see and participate in this tradition. I also miss being legal to drink 🙂

5. Minding the Gap

For those of you who’ve been to London, you probably know that this is the phrase used on the tube to tell passengers to be careful when getting on and off the train. While I didn’t always enjoy taking the tube, it was definitely a cultural experience that I miss.

6. The abundance of food

Even though I’m a picky eater, it was never difficult for me to find food that I liked. There is an unlimited amount of amazing sit-down and take-away food options.




Lunch at Coppa Club (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)                                                      

Acai bowl at The Amazon Boost (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)

Pesto mac ‘n cheese from Borough Market (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)

7. The markets

Nothing beats Borough Market. My favorite Saturday activity was browsing Borough Market trying samples and getting lunch.

Borough Market (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)

8. People watching

London is the perfect place to people watch because it is such a diverse city. I loved analyzing people on the streets, the tube, and in the parks (in the least creepy way possible).

9. The theatre district in West End

Similar to NYC’s Broadway, the theatre district in West End is full of plays, musicals, and operas. I saw Mamma Mia and Kinky Boots.

Kinky Boots at Adelphi Theatre (PC: Rachel Hotvedt)

10. Working at Pixoneye on Regent Street

I couldn’t have asked for a better company to intern with this summer. I absolutely loved my co-workers and enjoyed learning from them each day. ​It was a bonus that my office was located on Regent Street, an upscale shopping street in the West End. I spent my walk to work window shopping for all the things I cannot afford.

Regent Street (PC: Wikipedia)

I’m determined to make it back to London sometime soon. Until then I’ll be living vicariously through Instagram…

xoxo, Rachel

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