I Tried The Kylie Jenner Challenge

No, this is not the Kylie Jenner Challenge – I did not suck on a shot glass to attempt to obtain the starlet’s plump lips. This challenge started about six months ago when I had a little too much fun dressing up as Kylie for Halloween. After an eventful, frat-filled birthday celebration paired with a playful costume, I said something along the lines of, “Wow! Being Kylie Jenner was so much fun! I want to be her again, but like, for WFU Style!” My friends and I talked about being Kylie for months, however I thought it was all fun and games. Little did I know how seriously my friend would hold me to my semi-drunken words. So that’s how I became who I am today, the Kampus Kylie.

To clear some air, my intent was not to live as Kylie Jenner. I was out to pursue some high-quality investigative journalism, inspired by Man Repeller’s Diet Series. My goal was to find out whether or not Kylie Jenner’s lifestyle (or at least parts of it) was realistic for the average person her age by living like her. And not even half a day in, I found the answer to my Jenner-influenced social experiment.

I knew if I wanted to do this challenge right, I would need to do a little bit of shopping. I took to King Kylie’s Instagram, then immediately searched Amazon for much, much cheaper dupes. One of the reasons my friends were so insistent on this project was because my March Madness for buying the Kylie Lip Kit. Because of this short-lived shopping addiction, I own several shades of the famed liquid matte lipstick that would help top off my look. I did have to make a few compromises for budget and personal reasons. For example, I really wanted to get Kylie Hair Kouture extensions, but I wasn’t looking to invest $280 for a two-day experiment. I also did not do her signature long acrylics because I have naturally weak nails I don’t want to destroy. However, on Halloween, I did copy Kylie’s nail style and discovered “talons” to be my worst nightmare.


On April 26th, as Kylie Jenner started her first juice cleanse, I found myself starting my Kylie diet. I woke up forty minutes earlier than usual to allow myself enough time to get Jenner-ized. This included staring and pouting at myself in the mirror as I tried on four different outfits, finally deciding upon distressed boyfriend jeans, a black mesh-paneled muscle tank, and M. Gemi snake print block heels. Walking across campus in heels for my morning coffee was not especially easy for this Birkenstocks girl and I embarrassingly broke a sweat.

After my 9:30 Spanish class was the moment I had been looking forward to for a week – my makeup appointment with my personal makeup artist (just kidding, it was WFU Style’s own incredible Beauty Editor, Alex Dean). Alex did it all — contouring, strobing, baking. This was definitely the most amount of make up I have ever worn in my life, and the forty minute application time highly supports that. However, Alex and I had a lot of fun taking Snapchats, jamming to Lemonade, and discussing whether we thought Jay Z actually cheated on Beyoncé. I immediately recognized this vital part of Kylie’s daily routine would never work in my own reality. Most days I struggle to carve out enough time to get anything more than mascara and moisturizer on.

Once I got my face on, it was time to document my artificial change in bone structure. I found a nice shady bench and brick wall outside of Scales, turned on my Kylie Radio Spotify playlist, and opened up my Camera app. I spent over an hour trying to find my best angle and the best lighting for a necessary mid-morning Insta. I took over sixty selfies. Let me say that one more time – SIXTY selfies! The Everyday Gracie rarely takes selfies, let alone serious one to Instagram! I also added videos of myself just talking to my Snap Story, another first for me. I was copying (and mocking) several of Kylie’s real stories. By the end of the hour and fifteen minutes, my phone, fully charged only three hours prior, was dead. Thank goodness I had remembered my portable charger.

It was nearly impossible for me to not touch my face while sitting in class. This bad habit lead to smeared contours and fingers covered in bronzer. Yet again, another important part of Kylie’s life and I were not meshing well, no matter how hard I tried.

Two of the most exciting parts of my day included receiving multiple packages in the mail and walking around Lot Q. While getting a package is exciting on its own, it was more exciting to get it during the Kylie Diet because I was basically required to capture myself and my reaction on Snap (with rap music blasting in the background of course). In Lot Q, I walked around and ogled at abundance of luxury vehicles.  I made sure to record the experience and brag about Audis, Porsches, BMWs, and Range Rovers that I had access to.

By dinnertime, an outfit change was required. I had purchased a Kanye Yeezy Tour tee on Amazon because one of the main Kylie rules is to support your fam (sorry Wiener gang, I wasn’t up to wear a wiener pun shirt). The only issue was the t-shirt was much more of a shirtdress. So, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off the bottom half. At first I was worried about how sloppy my cutting skills were, but then I realized it didn’t actually matter since it added a Yeezy edge. I through that on with a ball cap and a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts and was ready to start taking selfies once again.

Throughout the day, I constantly felt distracted from my work due to a never-ending need to document my every action. This was the first time in my life I had ever felt stressed out over taking Snapchats and selfies. I needed to capture each moment of my day to prove that I was still cool and looking “hot.” Let me tell you, that is really, really difficult! The perfect lip-sync video for my Story often took four or five tries to get right since I’d mess up the words, my lips were off fleek, or somebody would walk by and I’d get embarrassed. I was so caught up in my personal and social media image that by the end of the day, like my iPhone for a 3rd time, my battery was completely drained.


I woke up on the second of my Kylie Jenner Challenge feeling like how one does on day two of most diets – overtaken by fatigue, grossness, and dread. Nevertheless, I gathered all my strength to pull myself out of bed and took on the day. One of the first things I noticed that morning was that my face had broken out overnight. Not to brag, but my skin is almost always completely clear and I rarely get pimples. I immediately knew this was a reaction to the layers of makeup I had worn the day before. After a quick panic, I realized the only Kylie-approved solution was to layer the foundation right back on.

Today, I did not have the blessing of a personal makeup artist, so I was forced to tackle this job myself. Little did I know that completing my Jenner look would take twice as long as it did the day before. Yes, I spent an hour and a half on a Wednesday morning applying my makeup. However, the application probably took this long because of several of my shortcomings. First, I had made the dumb mistake of washing all my essential makeup brushes the night before, therefore leaving me with dozens of damp brushes in the morning. Second, I had forgone purchasing several products that Kylie swears buy, like a contour kit, so I had to get creative and improvise. Lastly, I am terrible at applying my own makeup beyond the super basic smoky eye I learned at age 15 in Sephora.

After the chaos of beautifying myself, I struggled to put on a bodycon midi tank dress to recreate an outfit Jenner had worn only two days prior. If you know Everyday Gracie’s personal style at all, then you are aware that I never wear tight clothes. This curve-hugging dress left me feeling self-conscious right away. Once again, I sucked it, told myself, “Do it for the blog,” and got on with my false life.

The first thing I did after leaving my room was swing by Campus Grounds to buy some juice by popular demand. Kylie was on a juice cleanse the day before, so several of my friends and followers said it was crucial for me to do it too. (I didn’t do a true cleanse, but I did enjoy my two Village Juices before a late lunch.) This element definitely added to my Kylie street cred and got lots of laughs. I then moved onto the Snapchat Q&A I had promised the night before. At this point, I was much more comfortable taking selfies and Snapchats in public. I walked around and answered questions like “What is your favorite car?” that I had been DM-ed. It was pretty fun to just talk to nobody, but also to hundreds of virtual people at the same time.

Then it was time for my 12:30 class – the thing I had been dreading most due to the fact it was filled with Wake’s notoriously stylish athletes. These guys instantly knew how fake my Yeezys were and were not afraid to roast me for it. The worst part of this class was that we were hiking around campus and Reynolda trails on a hot and humid day. My tight midi dress made me feel as if I was walking with resistance bands around my legs. When we finally got back to Wingate, I ran to the bathroom to check my makeup, and just as I had expected, it had begun to melt off. Now I understood why Kylie seems to never leave the sweet AC of her Calabasas mansion for the California heat.

Later that day, as my Kylie Challenge began to draw to a close, I knew I had one last mandatory thing to do. I picked up my car in Sophomore, slipped on my icy blue wig, plugged in the AUX, and let the lip syncing begin. Is there ever a day where Kylie Jenner isn’t sitting in one of her many cars, sporting a new hair color and singing along to some of her favorite songs? I’ll admit that changing my hair color up for the afternoon was rather fun, but this is also when I received the weirdest looks. How often do you see someone with neon blue hair and a full face of makeup on Wake’s clean-cut campus? The answer is never.

By 6:30, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I sat down on my bed to do some reading for a class, but instead PTFO-ed. It was really difficult not to call it quits after my two-hour nap. Yes, it was fun playing this character but it was also quite hard. Nevertheless, I pulled through because another outfit change and many more selfies were need. My final Kylie inspired outfit was probably the furthest from anything I would wear in real life – a gray sleeveless, turtleneck crop top with matching mini skirt paired with a Hermès head bandana and heels. That’s what made the outfit, and the challenge in general, so amusing.

As a friend said to me, the Kylie Jenner Challenge was really fun because it was like having two days of Halloween in April. Though, on the other hand, I was the only one participating. This experiment actually taught me a fair amount about my personal preferences and the millennial star mentality. I was left completely exhausted both days because of the mental marathon of worrying how others perceived me through social media and trying to maintain the image I wanted. It was embarrassing to have to make my friends wait for me because I was attempting to get a good Snapchat. I also had to beg my roommate multiple times to take then retake “candid” pictures of me so I could keep my followers updated. These requests were always met with an eyeroll. I finished the challenge with over 300 new images on my Camera Roll, 9 Instagrams, and over 20 followers lost (thanks guys! I know who you are ☺). While I did enjoy the freedom of posting and versatility of my appearance, I have decided Kylie Jenner’s lifestyle is not attainable for me. It was altogether too mentally straining, time consuming, self-absorbing, and down right embarrassing for me to incorporate into my daily life. Thanks for letting me borrow your lifestyle Kylz, but I think I’ll just stick to my simple ways.

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– GW

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