URBN grl: Winston-Salem’s Trendiest New Small Business

Owner Katie Shaver had always a dream of opening her own store, with her vision being all things that support women, while also emphasizing local and handmade items. Katie is a Girl Boss, who was more than excited to open her store up to WFU Style!

Opened in April 2018, this Winston-Salem shop features unique gifts from emerging and local designers including vinyls, jewelry, and quirky products. With brands like Knot & Bow, P.F. Candle Co., Grey Theory Mill, the #girlboss vibe is evident as soon as you enter the store, with “empowered women empower women” pendants and a “you’re such a babe” rug hanging from the walls.

Interview with Urban Grl Creator Katie Shaver…

How did you choose Winston-Salem for your first shop?

Katie: I’m originally from Winston-Salem, but I have been living in Charlotte for the past six years working for a small jewelry company. I decided to move back home about a year ago to take some time off and decide what I wanted my next move to be. I had always dreamed of opening up my own store and the opportunity really just presented itself when I was walking downtown with my mom one day and saw the perfect spot for a shop. I called the realtor that same day and put down the lease. It was almost as if the location chose me.

How do you find the brands you want to feature in your shop?

Katie: I made a lot of connections with different brand owners while working in Charlotte, so I love to bring their products into my store. I’m a huge advocate for women-owned small businesses. I also have had a lot of people reach out to me that have heard about the store through social media.

Do you have any new brand partnerships?

Katie: We recently had a launch party for a new fragrance line startup from a Winston-Salem native. It’s exclusive in that each perfume is only available for a month before the new one is released. There is also a fragrance made just for our store called urban.

What are your main marketing tactics for Urbn Grl?

Katie: Social media and Instagram are the most effective marketing tools. We have a lot of customers that attend Wake Forest or are Winston-Salem residents that learned about the shop from seeing our social media posts. The new website has also increased our outreach to beyond the Winston-Salem community and allows us to show off more of our merchandise.


Instagram- @urbngrl

Website-  https://www.urbngrl.com

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