Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

However, I have played a crucial role for my friends and their boyfriends during #giftszn. And in observation of my thought processes, I have identified the most important parts in partner gift-giving.

To my mother’s misfortune, this point reminds me of my dad. So, I asked him: “Can you think of any gift that you have given mom, who was upset with the ?” He quickly responded with a story from a Christmas before I was born. He bought my mom a sweatshirt from a restaurant called Bubba’s. So, I asked my mom if she liked the restaurant. She responded: “No… Or sweatshirts.”

My dad’s idea of a gift is different from my mom’s. My dad considers it an opportunity to share our humor, but my mom considers it an opportunity to express our love.

As college students, the majority of our relationships are relatively recent. It is important to remember the duration of a relationship when purchasing a partner’s present. The following table offers examples of time-appropriate gifts…

Finally, here are some general rules to keep in mind…



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