Eating Our Way Through the Village Juice Menu

One day this past summer over a pair of beautiful smoothie bowls we had a brilliant, delectable idea. The new Village Juice storefront was the talk of the Wake Forest campus, and we decided it would be worth the splurge to test out every single item on the ever-expanding menu. Smoothies, bowls, toasts, and salads all included. Check out our shameless food photo shoots and reviews below.

img_5395Monkey Butter Toast:

SO GOOD. The housemade nut butter is super thick, but I love it. My favorite part of this toast is the honey. Overall it’s super filling, so I usually take one home and have it as a snack.

img_5378Avo Vegan Toast:

Five stars in my book. Honestly, the avo toast looks like a work of art almost too perfect to eat…almost.

img_8076BLT with Avocado Toast:

This blt tasted like heaven–the warm bacon and whole wheat bread are perfectly complemented by the tomato and avocado. A perfect warm, filling lunch.

img_5394Kale and Squash Salad with Maple Basil Vinaigrette:

DELISH. I could barely bring myself to try another salad after this one. I love the unexpected combination of parmesan crisps, squash, and avocado. This is definitely my go-to salad on the menu.

img_5471Arugula Beet Salad (substituted parmesan crisps for goat cheese):

Love this salad as well–I’m a huge fan of beets–and the carrot vinaigrette it came with was tangy and unique.

img_8077Edie Bowl:

The Edie Bowl is extremely unique. The addition of kimchi adds a pickled flavor and makes the whole meal super distinct! Definitely worth a try, you’ll probably like it as much as I do.

img_7057Acai Bowl:

Such a classic and VJ’s rendition did not disappoint! It’s a bit thicker than you would expect but I’m a huge fan.

img_5397Strawberry Banana Bowl:

This one wins as my favorite bowl! It’s very filling and the toppings, like goji berries, strawberries, and banana all compliment one another. Plus, it’s a beautiful looking dish so that doesn’t hurt either.

img_5557Dragon Fruit Bowl:

Full of flavor- I especially love the mango and coconut in this one. (side note–try it with VJ’s ellaberry juice) Check out that beautiful vibrant color–another edible work of art!

img_8078Sunset Bowl:

This one is much tangier and lighter than the rest and I love the mango with hemp seeds!

coconutbutterCoco-Nut-Butter Smoothie:

I finally did it–I branched out from the Figgy Smalls to the Coco-Nut, and it was worth it! This one tastes like dessert. I’m in love!

For a fun twist, ask to add half a banana, it’s amazing!

img_5473Curious George Smoothie:

Officially in love. The almond butter adds a subtle texture which sets this smoothie apart from the rest. It’s going to be a challenge to resist ordering a Curious George every time I set foot in Village Juice…

img_5470Sunset Smoothie:

With mango, banana, pineapple, and a hint of lime, this smoothie tastes both tangy and creamy while also very refreshing. It’s definitely the most unique smoothie on the menu. It’s my go-to if I’m craving something light and fruity.

img_5379Figgy Smalls Smoothie:

It was a challenge writing this article as once I tried one item, I loved it so much I didn’t want to try anything else! I think I’ve had over 100 Figgy Smalls smoothies since I first tried it out–it’s safe to say I’m addicted to this one. Try it right now.

img_5468Mint Chip:

This one grew on me–it was definitely different than I expected because of the almond and coconut milk base but now I love it! Super refreshing.


And, three months in, we decided to abandon our challenge. The problem was simple: everything was too good. Once we decided on our favorites, we just couldn’t branch out any longer. This challenge might end up taking years to complete but we’re not upset about it. It’s the perfect excuse to keep calling in weekly (and sometimes daily) orders to cut the line.

Julia and Katie

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