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Do you ever get up in the morning and notice that your hair decides to have a bad day even before you do? It’s flat, it’s frizzy, and it’s making you wish there was such thing as hair insurance. Well, what if you could fight back with a secret weapon? What if you no longer have to stress about your mess and count on this quick fix? Alexander Wang swears by it, Rachel Zoe swears by it and even that girl in econ swears by it. Yes, my WFU style readers, it is the “oh so” chic and classic braid.


Braids are the gift from the hair gods. They’re quick, they require minimal effort, and  can never go out of style. If you’re on a hurry to go to class, quickly do a messy side braid and call it an effortless look. It will give you that extra confidence no ponytail can give you. Glam your cute holiday dress this season with a braided half up do. It is hands down the best trick in the bag for when I’m stuck in front of the mirror. I think it’s safe to say that they’re the easiest hairstyle out there. Think about it. You can wear the tight and fit braid to the gym and still rock it on your way to class without getting any looks!


1. Unlike a ponytail, the options you have for braids are infinite. There’s the simple French, the Dutch, the side, the fishtail and the waterfall. You also don’t have to braid your whole hair. Let’s say you love your waves but your bangs just aren’t cutting it. Pull and LC and braid your bangs! Lauren Conrad swears by French braid bangs, and always looks put together!

2. Nichole Richie is another braid guru. Her boho chic look calls for the usual crown braid, and if she’s keeping it casual, a messy bun with a couple of braided strands to her side will do. All you need is an elastic, one or two bobby pins and you can transform hair into the biggest fashion statement.

3. Also, call me crazy, but I think braids have different personalities to them. I might sound silly saying this but it’s so true! If I’m an athlete, I’ll do a tight and simple side bang braid so that my hair won’t get in the way. If I’m an aspiring actress on my way to a class, I’ll give a boho chic twist to a casual one sided braid to show that I’m ready to work but can still keep my artsy vibe. And If I were strolling down the streets of Paris, I’d have my loose French braid to give me that ooh-la la confidence.


 So you have your secret weapon, but what if you don’t know how to braid at all? No need to panic, my favorite YouTube hair and beauty gurus got you covered! Mimi and Layla are two sisters who founded “Luxy hair extensions”, a brand they created after Mimi needed a good set of hair extensions for her wedding.  These sisters have the coolest and simplest hairstyles on YouTube. I could spend hours going through their videos to see what kind of creations I can make. They also have tips on the best ways to keep your hair in check, whether it’s controlling frizz or creating the coolest waterfall braid!  Check them out at http://www.youtube.com/user/LuxyHair

Anyone can rock the braid, whether your hair is straight or curly, long or short, blonde or brunette. Next time your hair is in despair, ditch the ponytail and sport a chic braid. Your confidence will thank you 😉

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