It’s All About the Watch: How to Pick the Right Timepiece for You

I was recently tasked with helping my roommate find a new watch. She has recently gone vegan, and her gold Fossil watch with a brown leather band no longer works with her vegan philosophy. Finding the right watch that fits both your style, needs and on occasion, morals, is a difficult task. Here are some suggestions in case you’re in the market for a new timepiece. Watches also make great gifts for the holidays!

The Classic Choice

The classic choice is the option that you reach for again and again. A trusty accessory that can be dressed up and down. This classic Fossil watch, comes in many colors and designs. For the slightly elevated, neutral option the Jacqueline Multifunction Watch comes in a lighter color with a plain face, bar a few diamonds, and a natural leather band. For the same watch but a little twist, try the navy version with a rose gold star and moon design.  


Fossil: Jacqueline Multifunction Watch in Winter White and Navy

The Sporty Choice

The the current era of the athlete, athletic companies are now designing watches to meet the needs of the athletes they supply. Watches that are waterproof,  have timers, can take time trials, measure body statistics, etc. Most sports watches can be linked to your phone so you can have all information on hand. But who said that what must be functional can’t also be stylish? On the lower end of the price scale are the infamous fitbits (which now come in the fabulous bangle option!), but for the athlete with an unlimited budget, there is the Garmin vívoactive 3 Fitness Smartwatch. The white with rose gold hardware is reminiscent of the apple watch, but with more classic, and stylized round face.

Garmin: Garmin vívoactive 3 Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit: Flex 2

The Tech Choice

Smartwatches, it seems, are here to stay. Although I am a fan of the classic analog watch, the apple watch, samsung watch, or -insert-tech-company-name-here- watch have some incredible benefits. The most recent versions have most capabilities of a cell phone, but on your wrist. Along with other options like tracking fitness by being in contact with your skin. The apple watch can be customized to any extent in band style, and many independent companies make stylish bands for the apple watch face. This watch, as most smartwatches are, is on the pricier side of the spectrum. Their new collaboration with Hermès takes the technological, and makes it fashionable. The Double Tour band gives the same affect the double wrapped Hermes bracelets.

Apple: Hermès Apple Watch with Double Tour Band

The Stylish Choice

If you haven’t found a watch that suits you among those listed above, here you might find what you’re looking for. While watches are considered to serve a function rather than as an accessory to complete a look, the following brands offer watches that serve both functionality and style. Olivia Burton offers watches in every metal shade imaginable, including gunmetal. Her selection varies from the classic as pictured here in the Sunrise Demi Dial Watch, to the more trendy designs of her current collection surrounding the holidays. In that same vein, there are the classic scalloped leather bands of the Kate Spade watch, specifically the Holland Scallop. This watch has a thinner band for those wishing to have a dantier addition to their wrists.

Olivia Burton: Sunray Demi Dial Watch

Kate Spade: Holland Scallop Black Leather Watch

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