Ways to Spend a Non-Christian Christmas

It’s Christmas and most of your friends are spending the day with their families. As you scroll through your Instagram and Facebook feeds, it’s impossible not to get a little jealous. Decorated trees, stuffed stockings, cookies from “Santa,” and best of all, family matching PJ pics… The whole ordeal looks like so much fun.

When I was a kid, I used to beg my mom for a Christmas tree. I so badly wanted to wake up on Christmas morning to a beautiful tree surrounded by countless presents. To my disappointment, my mom responded the same way every year: “Honey no, we’re Jewish.”

At age 19, I cannot say that my dreams of experiencing a typical Christmas have completely vanished. However, I’ve learned how to enjoy Christmas with my family rather than dread it. Here’s how you can spend Christmas Day if you’re not Christian:

#1 Make a family breakfast at home

Because there’s nothing better than blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip waffles.

#2 Go for a walk or run outside

People say that the holiday season is a difficult time to stay active. Take advantage of your lonely day off to get outside and enjoy the fresh air (and maybe some snow.)

#3 Go to the movies

The best part about going to the movies on Christmas is that the theaters are virtually empty. Take your pick of any seat and maybe even sneak into a second movie. This year my family has our eyes on Pitch Perfect 3.

#4 Bake holiday cookies

Who said cookie decorating was a religious activity? Take out your aprons, blast Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe album, and start baking!

#5 Play games

With busy work and school schedules, family game night is a rare occurrence. Christmas is the perfect time to dust off your Monopoly or Battleship skills and finally beat your sibling at something. Scattergories, Life, and Cards Against Humanity are my family’s favorites.

#6 Read a book

Because everyone needs a break from family time and seriously when is the last time you read a book that wasn’t required for class?!

#7 Order take-out

Pizza, Chinese food, pizza…

#8 Facetime your Christian friends to live vicariously through them

Maybe it’s just me, but I LOVE seeing what my friends get for Christmas (even if it makes me a little jealous.)

#9 Remember that Christmas is only one day of the year

The day is almost over!!

#10 Reward yourself for surviving another Christmas with a little online shopping

My personal favorite.

Try these out and I promise you’ll have the best non-Christian Christmas yet!


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