Welcome WFU Style’s 2018-2019 Exec Team!

Every spring, WFU Style begins the process of getting ready for another fabulous school year by selecting a group of individuals to lead the club in the fall. We’re so excited to announce the following group of women who will constitute the Exec Team for 2018-2019. Let’s learn a little more about our new leading ladies through their own words and fabulous portraits by Phillip Yurchenko.

President–McGee Bosworth

Instagram: @mcgeebosworth

Why WFU Style is important to me: WFU Style provides such an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to express yourself as whoever you want to be; and, in a world that encourages so much homogeneity, I think it’s pretty amazing to have a place where you can be your authentic self.

Can’t live without clothing item or accessory: RINGS! I always have so many rings on… I literally feel naked if I leave without my rings! I LOVE catbird, mejuri, and family antique-y rings

What’s in my purse right now: my 1L bkr water bottle (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate), my mac, my cell phone, glossier balm dot com, my planner (I’d die without it), clé de peau concealer (it’s a lifesaver), wallet, my glasses (I’m always wearing glasses – I love them) & car keys!

Winston Salem Fav: Rebecca & Co. – so so cute, literally in an old gas station, but my real fav is the coffee shop in the little trailer out in the parking lot (they have the BEST iced vanilla latte)

Guilty pleasure: vogue & coveteur YouTube videos – I can get sucked in so fast!

Blog Director–Julia Sawchak

Instagram: @juliasawchak

Why WFU Style is important to me: WFU Style provides two key opportunities: a creative outlet and a professional opportunity. I have had so many amazing opportunities working with my fellow classmates, collaborating on projects that are important to us but also grant us professional opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise. WFU Style creates a space where deacs can grow professionally and personally–and make a few friends while we’re at it.

What’s in my purse right now: Laura Mercier stickgloss, a spare bandaid, a wallet with 30 euros, spare coins, my planner and Frasier Sterling hoops

Style Inspiration: I like to consider my style a hybrid of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. More realistically it’s a hybrid of Amy Schumer and Kylie Jenner’s assistant.

Winston Salem Fav: Mozelle’s Grilled Pimento Grilled Cheese. It’s 9 bucks with a side of your choice (I get mac and cheese or the tomato soup). Lunch prices are so reasonable and totally underrated!

Events Director– Sara DeCicco

Instagram: @sara_decicco

Why WFU Style is important to me: I knew I wanted to be a member of WFU Style since my senior year of high school. I have always had a strong passion for fashion, and regularly follow several blogs/bloggers for outfit inspiration and trend updates. I love WFU Style because it allows me to connect with new people while bouncing new ideas off of each other to create amazing content and events.  

Can’t live without clothing item or accessory: My leather jacket (duh)

What’s in my purse right now: Lavender hand cream, a mini brush, a Burt’s Bees Honey chapstick, my wallet, keys, NARS Vanilla concealer, Bed Bath & Beyond scented hand sanitizer and fave sunnies from Amsterdam!

Dream job: Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram (Eva Chen is everything I aspire to be in life)

Guilty pleasure: Every Bravo reality TV show (Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing–the whole enchilada)

PR/ Social Media Co-Director–Kate Shapiro

Instagram: @kateshapiro

Why WFU Style is important to me:

I originally joined because fashion is my creative outlet (I can’t draw or paint haha) but I stayed for the past 2 years because I love the passion people have for this organization! It feels so much more than a blog and Instagram page. Plus working on some awesome partnerships (Outdoor Voices and Grady’s Cold Brew to name a few) makes everything worthwhile.

Dream job: Lawyer for sure. I’ve been on the debate team since my sophomore year in high school and fell in love with the process of creating a strong argument. If I could specialize in law I would probably do Sports and Entertainment, so I can write contracts for film producers or support professional athletes as an agent!

Accessory I can’t live without: My apple watch. I wore a watch before it was ~cool~ but the apple watch is a game changer. I can check my emails, track my workout, and scroll through Instagram all on my wrist!

Guilty pleasure: I like some really odd candy- my favorites include chewy spree, swedish fish, and candy corn lol

PR/ Social Media Co-Director–Yasmine Khosrowshahi

Instagram: @yasminekho and @yassfeed

Why WFU Style is important to me: WFUstyle is important to be because I believe it is a creative outlet to express myself. Over my time in the organization I have grown so passionate about making it an outlet for people to be able to express their creative selves the same way I love to.

Favorite style icon: I love instagram blogger Negin Mirsalehi. She is Iranian as well as and has such an elegant way of presenting herself in the fashion world. I personally can relate to her more because of her background and she is one of my main inspirations for my fashion choices today.

Dream job: PR/Social Media Marketing. My dream would be to be the head of PR/Social media for a huge luxury brand like L’Oreal.

Guilty pleasure: Binge watching The Office

Edited by Julia Sawchak

Photography by Philip Yurchenko

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