WFU Style’s Take on Ruffles

photo by Phillip Yurchenko

Beautiful ruffles were all over the runways last fall and again this spring. They are trendy in that have become more popular recently, but at the end of the day ruffles are always a classic look.

They come in subtle off the shoulder looks and also on dresses and sleeves. My friends Grace (pictured in blue) and Ashley (pictured in stripes) chose to wear subtle ruffle looks for our photoshoot, while I chose to wear a crazy, over the top piece. But as you can see from the photos, the flamingo-like ruffles on my shirt are just as easy to wear as simpler ruffles.

The best way to wear ruffles is to let them take center stage and, of course, wear them with confidence.

Keep everything else in your outfit simple, and let the ruffles do the talking!


Check out WFU Style photographer Phillip Yurchenko’s photos of WFU Style members Elizabeth, Grace, and Ashley below:


all photos by Phillip Yurchenko

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