What’s In My Carry On?

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With the end of Winter break quickly approaching, travel back to school is on the horizon! However, with complications such as cancelations and delayed departures, it is not always enjoyable. This is exactly why it’s essential to pack the perfect items to make any plane ride as comfortable as possible. There are a few things that I simply cannot survive or fly without, and of course I have to have them all readily accessible to me in my spacious carry-on tote! Since TSA has gotten so picky with their travel restrictions, I recommend a medium sized tote to incorporate all of your travel MVP’s, but also one that’s small enough to fit under the crammed seat in front of you. Here’s a glimpse of my jam-packed carry on!



  1. barkThins. These are my all-time favorite snacks; they’re healthy, portable and delicious! Whenever I am craving my chocolate fix, bark thins are always my go-to, plus they sell them in many airport shops, so you can easily grab a bag before takeoff!
  2. Granola Bar. Since flights unfortunately do not always coordinate with meal schedules, I like to throw a bar in my bag to hold myself over until my next meal.
  3. Gum. As a practically professional gum-chewer, I cannot go a single day without a piece of gum. I always have to have a pack on me, especially when I am traveling since gum is just the trick for clogged ears.

Beauty Necessities:

  1. Hairbrush. A flight can be a recipe for a hair disaster. With naps and uncomfortable, awkward resting positions, my hair can go from 100 to 0, real quick.
  2. Hair Clips. Everywhere I go, I must have a hair clip handy. After all, you never know when you’re going to want to go for a half-up, half-down hairdo!
  3. Burt’s Bees. My honey-flavored Burt’s Bees chapstick is another one of my everyday necessities. It smells delightful, and it leaves my lips feeling instantly revitalized.
  4. Nars Concealer/Bronzer. After a long flight, I always like to pull out my handy beauty pouch to conceal my tired appearance. These two Nars products are my favorite beauty essentials, I put them on every morning, or whenever I am in need of a cover-up.
  5. Hand cream/Hand sanitizer. Whenever I lather up my L’Occitane hand lotion, I feel tranquilized and refreshed. The lavender flavor like a trip to the spa. Airplane bathrooms are just about my biggest pet peeve, so hand sanitizer helps to relieve my excessive germophobia. Try Bath & Body Work’s Beautiful Day– your nose with thank you later.



  1. Headphones. Since crying babies and noisy neighbors are sometimes unavoidable, headphones are an absolute must. Plug away to any upbeat jam, and your plane-ride blues will flay away.
  2. Laptop. Movies are an absolute must-have for long plane rides. I always bring my laptop just in case I am in the mood for a mid-air rom-com or an episode of The Office.
  3. iPhone charger. On a short flight home to New York from North Carolina, I rely on my phone for entertainment. Your phone running out of battery is like you running out of oxygen – it can’t happen.



  1. Scarf. A big, cozy scarf is an absolute essential for me. 90% of my life is spent with a scarf around my neck, and on plane-rides I love to wrap myself up in a warm scarf.
  2. Fuzzy Socks. Fuzzy socks are basically a Tempurpedic mattress for your feet. Throw them on during a long flight, and you’ll be in a state of pure bliss.
  3. Fashion Magazines. Every trip to the airport is a recipe for a shopping spree. When I am not throwing away money on barkThins or gum, I am spending it on the latest Vogue. A plane ride would not be complete without some advice from People Style Watch, Elle or Vogue!

Happy flying!

– Sara DeCicco

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