Winston’s Top 5: 6th Sense on Brookstown 

It’s no coincidence that the first two “must experience” items on my list are a yoga studio and a spa. Winston Salem offers some of the best resources and experts when it comes to health and wellness, and I happen to have an odd appreciation for them. I’ll admit I haven’t given The Big Salami enough credit over the years. The city holds countless hidden gems catering to natural wellbeing, and when you wake up on a Friday at 2pm with the Sunday Scaries, these are the places you want to know about. Tucked away behind Mozelle’s on Brookstown Avenue sits the 6th Sense Health and Wellness Center. When considering relaxation treatments, this place is not messing around.

If you’re anything like me, then you understand the simple appreciation of a quality massage costing under a hundo. I found reviews about this tiny hole-in-the-wall online, where countless individuals raved about their experiences at 6th Sense. Appointments are treated less like lofty spa visits and more like a hearty approach to improving your wellbeing. Don’t get me wrong, I do admire the classic dim-litted, calming music ridden, grandiose spa luxury. However, my cute little budget unfortunately does not allow for such ritzy encounters.


Image via Mark Arbeit

Although my newly acquired massage-going tendency certainly requires me to babysit more often, the price of one massage at 6th Sense ($60 to $70, depending on your treatment) is well worth the benefit. Some might say treating yourself roughly once a week to such indulgence is ridiculous. I prefer to consider it a solid hour I devote to sheer relaxation and the tension that often builds in any career aspiring, class juggling, weekend warrior-ing busy body. The therapists at this little haven pick up on your trigger points right away (hence the name, it’s truly a 6thSense…) and ease pressure spots with meticulous technique. I highly recommend this little spot for anyone aspiring to become a more wholesome being (who isn’t these days?).

As they say, treat yo-self.

– Megan O’Sullivan, Founder

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