Winter in the Forest

The Coat

The first thing you need to have in order to survive Wake’s winters is a good coat. At Wake Forest you will see a variety of coats that offer warmth and style. As students walk from class to class or from darty to darty a coat ranges from the classic parka to the fun fur ensemble. Either way, a warm yet stylish coat is necessary for the brisk Wake Forest winters. Examples of these include, the puffer jacket, the teddy jacket, the parka, and the fur coat, depending on the occasion and the individual style.

Black Puffer Coat         Silver Puffer Coat        Teddy Coat        Black Parka       Colorful Fur Coat

The Boot

During the winter, maximum warmth is needed. As students walk from building to building, boots are a must in the cold winter days. Although comfort is mandatory, a Wake student’s style never goes unnoticed. In order to make a winter walk warm yet stylish, the right winter boot is necessary. One could match their outfit with the sophisticated over-the-knee boot or have an effortless look with the classic Sorel or Ugg boot.

Over-The-Knee Boot                  Sorel Boot                             Ugg Boot

The Sweater

During the winter at Wake, we have established that it is important to stay warm yet stylish. At Wake you will see many people stick to simple, layered styles. In order to accomplish a warm, monochromatic look while layering, it is important to find the right winter sweater. Pick one that is neutral that can be worn with your favorite skirt, jeans, or leggings. A versatile, neutral, layering sweater is a must for Wake winters. These sweaters can range from a classic wool/cashmere sweater to a sweater dress or comfy wooley.

Sweater Dress             Black Sweater                Cream Sweater              Wooly Sweatshirt

The Pant

To continue the warm and stylish winter outfit for the chilly Wake Forest season, the go-to winter pant is a must. During the winter we want to keep the pant neutral as well,  keeping it simple and easy to pair with different layers and styles. For your winter at Wake Forest, the winter pant can range from a stylish leather pant to a casual jean or comfy legging. As winter comes, pants are the best option in order to stay warm. So, try to find ones that have a unique touch. For example, different textured pants, like leather or printed leggings and frayed jeans.

Black Leather Pants            Black Frayed Jeans          Skull Printed Leggings              Star Leggings  

The Accessory

Lastly, to finish the winter look at Wake Forest top your outfit with the perfect winter accessory. These can either add to your warmth, layers, or can help make your outfit different.  During the winter season at Wake, you will see many people wearing pom pom beanies to cover their heads and ears from the cold, or warm gloves to hold the daily starbucks drinks. Students will also add some touch of color or pattern to their outfit by adding a blanket scarf. It is important at Wake Forest that you keep warm throughout the winter, where outfits are easy and add comfort to your daily routine. However, it is important to accomplish this while adding your own style.

Black Skull Scarf                    Grey Scarf                Leather Gloves               Black Pom Pom Beanie

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