WorkWorkWorkWorkWork–Summer Internships as Told by WFU Style Members

Deciding what to do with your summer can be daunting, especially as you approach the latter half of college. Turning in suntan lotion for a blazers and the summer sun for fluorescent lights is supposedly the first step to becoming an adult. So, how do you make the trade more bearable? Hopefully, by doing something you actually enjoy- Read below to learn how some WFU Style members spent their summer navigating the “real” world.

Heather Crosby

I had a wonderful summer interning at Siren Snacks, a San Francisco-based company co-founded by an amazing sister duo! As a Marketing and Public Relations intern, I worked on building brand awareness for Siren’s line of plant-based protein bites. The bites are available in four delicious flavors: Lemon Poppyseed (a top-seller), Dark Chocolate Brownie (for all the chocolate lovers out there, this one is for you), Cookie Dough (a personal fave), and Snickerdoodle (a cinnamon delight)! The office doubled as the kitchen, so coming into work was such a treat…not only did it smell heavenly every morning, but it also had a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge! Everything is made in-house (and with love) using only plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients.

I worked closely with the company’s two founders, Elizabeth and Abby, and helped manage Siren’s social media accounts, including the Instagram and Pinterest page. I also designed the weekly newsletter and coordinated the writing and posting of new articles on Siren’s blog. I especially enjoyed working on these projects because it allowed me to get creative in the kitchen and experiment with different recipes, including scrumptious smoothie bowls and tasty toasts!

One of the highlights of my internship was assisting the Regional Field Marketing Manager at local events, where we met some of Siren’s incredible fans and loyal followers. I had so much fun engaging with the Siren community at Equinox (we are sold at the Earth Bar there!), lululemon, and the San Francisco Marathon!

I could not be more thankful for my time at Siren Snacks! You can check them out here: (Siren is also available on Amazon!)

Happy snackin’ 🙂 #lookinlikeasnack

Julia Demorest

From June to August 2018 I interned in New York at Naadam, a luxury clothing start-up that ethically and sustainably sources cashmere from Mongolia. The brand was able to lower their price point while raising the pay wage for their Mongolian herders by cutting out middlemen and following a direct-to-consumer model.

As the Social Marketing Intern, I spent my days managing the company’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, assisting in event planning / preparation, and helping with social content photoshoots. I also kept track of Naadam’s social media insights and analytics to track the progress of the company’s growing social media presence / reach.

My favorite part of the experience was meeting a truly great group of people. From countless coffee breaks with my direct boss to lunches and celebrations with the entire office to dinners among Naadam’s social influencers / ambassadors, each person I met offered a perspective I hadn’t seen or a joke I hadn’t heard.

My biggest takeaway from the summer was to let life take you in different directions- don’t make too many hard and fast plans! Naadam began when the company’s co-founders, Matt Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus, went off the beaten-path (literally) and out into the Gobi Desert to explore Mongolia with locals. When they returned home from the crazy adventure a month later, they had an idea, and soon after, a company.

Rachel Hotvedt

I spent the summer interning in London through IES Abroad. I worked for Pixoneye, a data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) start-up company that specializes in predictive personalization through image understanding. They have created a software development kit using AI and computer vision that analyzes a user’s mobile photo gallery to build a full consumer profile. This technology will eventually be integrated into mobile apps to provide their clients, mobile app owners, with accurate profiles of their end users in order to help them understand and predict their end users’ behavior.

Pixoneye has two offices: the R&D team based in Tel Aviv and the commercial team in London. I worked in the London office as a General Management and Marketing Intern. My responsibilities ranged from conducting research that would inform a company-wide decision on product market fit to exploring market research companies for a potential acquisition or joint venture to collecting AI press and statistics to present to the team.

My biggest takeaway is that any work experience is defined by those with whom you are surrounded. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without my amazing co-workers, a young and diverse group of individuals from England, Scotland, Canada, Spain, and Israel. I learned that spending time together, both inside and outside the office, is imperative to the success of a start-up company.

Elena Cage

This summer I worked at Kate Spade as a Digital Brand Marketing Intern. I helped schedule and manage all the content on every social media platform, developed a comprehensive digital campaign strategy, managed influencer partnerships, made recommendations for digital innovation, and analyzed Kate Spade’s international social media performance.

My biggest takeaway from this internship is that I need to be busy! On slow days, it felt like the hours dragged on but on the days where I had a lot of work, the time flew by. I definitely need to be in a work environment that is fast paced and challenging otherwise I’ll get bored.

One of the coolest things I got to experience over the summer was the quarterly sample sale. Everyone started lining up at 8:30am for the sale, which started at 11. Once the sale opened, it was absolute chaos with everyone simultaneously trying to be polite and aggressive. I ended up with 6 purses, 3 small bags, 4 tops, 1 wallet, and a luggage tag for $95!

Julia Sawchak

This summer I worked at Southwest Airlines as a Marketing Department Operations and Planning Intern.My title might sound kind of cryptic, but my role revolved around helping the Marketing department thrive; I helped with long-term planning initiatives, worked with the Project Management Office, and created resources for marketers to use in the future. It was such a cool opportunity to see the amazing projects happening all across the department, from television campaigns, work on EarlyBird and other products and the technology that enables it all.

Interestingly enough, a lot of the biggest lessons I learned this summer resulted from my internship’s biggest perk, which was being able to fly on any Southwest flight for free! I spent an insane amount of my time this summer traveling, visiting new cities. Since employees fly standby, I learned a lot about patience and flexibility when making my weekly trips as sometimes there wasn’t space available on every flight so creativity was a must!

I could not recommend this internship experience more! It was a great summer mixed with hard work and hard play. I can’t wait to continue representing the company in the fall as a Campus Ambassador at Wake Forest.

Elizabeth Guariglia

I worked at AROS Communications in NYC as the company’s Social Media and PR intern. My daily tasks involved checking my boss’ emails and her calendar to make sure she was organized and ready for meetings and drafting emails to send to clients. I also wrote four press releases for clients that were published. One client loved my press release so much that they wanted to make it into a commercial, so I developed a script and then starred in the ad. It will be up on Youtube in the following weeks!

My biggest takeaway was to say YES! My boss asked me to go to an influencer event for her with a client, and I said yes and I got really good experience with networking in return. This internship allowed me to meet and connect with a lot of really talented professionals in the fashion business, as my boss has a lot of great contacts. I got to work with Madison Avenue Business Improvement District, Freida Rothman, AVENUE Altruism Awards, Marie Claire, and American Ballet Theater, to name a few!

Ilaria Lampson

This summer I worked as a Public Relations Intern for Gale Branding PR agency. GB is a boutique firm, so I was luckily thrown into a variety of projects beginning my first day. Throughout my internship I assisted the agency in planning six summer events for our clients that ranged anywhere from fashion photoshoots to product launch parties. My primary responsibility was ensuring that influencers and the press were generating a buzz about the events as well as coordinating all of the details so the events would run smoothly.

The largest project I worked on was for a teen accessories client called Pocket Pix. The brand was in its pre-launch phase, so I had the opportunity to develop and distribute the creative mailer that was used to send the product to media and retail. My team and I later used this mailer as inspiration for brand’s product launch which was hosted at a restaurant in Manhattan.

Working with a smaller group of people definitely allowed me to become an integral part of the company during my internship. It may seem cliché, but putting 110% into everything you do in the office really will pay off.  After working there for only a few weeks, all of the employees, not only my direct boss, trusted me enough to assign additional tasks my way. This certainly made my life more challenging, but these additional jobs ended up exposing me to a wider scope of the many responsibilities a public relations firm has.

Roxanna Demers

This summer I interned at America’s Apparel Mart in Atlanta, GA. I worked in the Therapy with Lisa Adams fashion showroom, which contains nearly twenty clothing, accessory, and shoe brands. Apart from doing daily runway shows, I typically modeled clothing from the 3-4 lines that I was assigned while walking around the showroom. When market buyers, typically department store or boutique owners, look to purchase items from the lines, they often ask to see the garment on a model to see the overall look.

The hardest part about my job, however, was the fact that I am one of the shortest models the Mart has hired! As a result, I had to wear 6-inch heels, all day, every day while on the job. It could be exhausting, but it was so cool to be able to see and experience a more internal side of the ever-so-exciting fashion industry!

Sarah Shmerler

I spent this summer interning under CHANEL’s Watches and Fine Jewelry Department at their corporate office in NYC! This experience allowed me to learn so much about the strong interconnected history of products their products. Also, as a result of my daily tasks, I am now confident in discussing trends and in my experience with luxury good brands.

Directly under my mentor, I had one major individual project. I was assigned to create interactive, visual watch and fine jewelry reorder tools that account executives could use with buyers. This was a cool task because I was able to see the project develop, starting with a blank excel sheet and ending with the tools actually being used in the field. I also had the chance to complete smaller projects with different members of the Watch & Fine Jewelry team. I worked closely with the Sales & Planning lead to gather and analyze monthly sales data from wholesale accounts and also helped prepare behind the scenes for VIP client events.

The biggest thing I took away from my internship was a newfound professional and individual confidence. I know that that sounds vague, but coming from a small high school and relatively small college, working for a huge brand in the middle of New York City was daunting at first. On my first day, I was nervous and I did not know what to expect, but I now know how to effectively communicate in a professional setting, appropriately ask for feedback, and concisely take notes in team meeting!

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